Event chatbot on WhatsApp

An event chatbot on WhatsApp is the perfect solution for registrations and sending information.


Whether you are a regular event planner or a first-time event organizer, you probably have a lot of worries. You have to make sure that the suppliers of food, music, decoration, etc. deliver as promised.

You also have to think about how to get people to register to attend your event and an efficient way to send them information and reminders.

With all this burden on your shoulders, it can be overwhelming to find solutions to every problem.

Let’s focus on how to get registrations and submit information.

Imagine you have a pharmaceutical company and you want to do an event about a medicine you have just launched on the market. At this event you will have experts in the field speaking, a presentation of the drug, and much more.

Your job is to get attendees interested in the topic and who work in the area of medicine and pharmacy.

To promote your event, you create the following strategies:

Social media promotion
Two months before the event you start making organic publications promoting it on the main social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Although you get registrations, they are very few and most of them are not of very good quality.

You also try your luck with paid ads, but in the end it turns out to be very expensive and you don’t generate as many registrations as you expected. Also, since there’s a form to fill out, it’s tedious and few people complete it.

You also send an e-mail to your database inviting them to register for the event. On the one hand, this strategy is useful, because you directly reach people in the area you are interested in.

But on the other hand, the e-mail open rate is very low (maximum 20%). The click-through rate is only 4%, so you don’t get many registrations by this means.

When you see these results, you decide to look for another channel to achieve your goals.


After doing some research, you discover that WOZTELL has an event chatbot template for use in WhatsApp.

With this chatbot people interested in the event will be able to register in a WhatsApp conversation.

You will also be able to create an audience with the registered people to send them broadcast messages with information and reminders of the event.

  • Some advantages of this chatbot are:
  • Your users are already on WhatsApp, so it is the ideal channel to reach them.
  • WhatsApp is a conversational channel, so when they sign up they won’t feel like they are filling out a form, but rather chatting with a friend.
  • With broadcast messages, your customers will not forget about your event.

You can send multimedia messages. For example:

  • Invitation in image format with a QR with the entrance.
  • Location of the event
  • Videos
  • Fotos
  • Offers 24/7 attention
  • Higher quality records

 The results


Response rate


More registrations with a chatbot


Customer satisfaction rate


Response rate


More registrations with a chatbot


Customer satisfaction rate

Good practices

A WhatsApp chatbot is a great ally for your event.

Include relevant information:

Name of the event
Date and time
Other information you consider relevant, for example: etiquette.

In addition, you can make use of the tools that WhatsApp has for creating messages. For example, multimedia messages.

You can send documents (i.e. event schedule or dinner menu), images (i.e. photos, invitation), videos (i.e. event presentation) and location.

As we have mentioned, this is a conversational channel, so the language should be natural. Use emojis to give them more dynamism and make sure they are short.

Event chatbot on WhatsApp


With a chatbot taking care of registrations and sending information and reminders you have one less thing to worry about when you are organizing an event.

This way you can spend your time on other aspects of the organization.

Your customers will have an easy way to register using their favorite channel and all the necessary information on the device they use the most.

Install your template here.

Event chatbot on WhatsApp
Event chatbot on WhatsApp