Implement Artificial Intelligence with ChatGPT in your WhatsApp using WOZTELL

Enhance the customer service experience with ChatGPT across your WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Webchat channels.

WhatsApp ChatGPT use case
Enhance the customer service experience with ChatGPT across your WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Webchat channels. Transform the way you engage with your customers.

Integrate an AI-powered chatbot with ChatGPT, and you can provide precise responses to all queries generated through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WebChat.




In the digital age, communication is key to any company’s success. WhatsApp has become a vital tool for connecting with customers and swiftly addressing their inquiries. What if you could elevate your WhatsApp conversations to the next level of artificial intelligence? That’s precisely what you can achieve with ChatGPT and WOZTELL.

The problem

Managing hundreds of messages across various channels, including Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, customer service WhatsApp, phone calls, and your Webchat, can be overwhelming. According to industry studies, providing immediate responses is crucial when it comes to decision-making. In the era of immediacy, customers expect accurate answers in the shortest time possible. Customer service remains a constant challenge for businesses. The issue is meeting these expectations efficiently by automating precise responses without requiring a dedicated team to answer questions that can be automated. Satisfying these expectations can be daunting, especially for companies with a high volume of inquiries.



The solution to this challenge lies in the combination of two powerful tools: ChatGPT and WOZTELL.

ChatGPT: The AI Revolution
ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is an AI engine based on GPT-3.5 capable of generating coherent human-like responses from text. This means you can use ChatGPT to automate responses on WhatsApp, providing instant answers to your customers.

WOZTELL: WhatsApp for Business Integration
WOZTELL is a business communication platform that enables effective integration of WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Webchat with other business tools and services. By combining WOZTELL with ChatGPT, you get a comprehensive solution for customer service on WhatsApp.

Goog practices

For Implementing Artificial Intelligence with WOZTELL And ChatGPT On WhatsApp
Here are some best practices to make the most of ChatGPT and WOZTELL on WhatsApp:

Customized Training: Configure ChatGPT to understand your business’s language and specific needs. This ensures consistent responses aligned with your brand.

Define Use Cases: Identify situations where you want ChatGPT to intervene, such as answering frequently asked questions, gathering basic information, or directing customers to specific resources.

Intelligent Automation: Utilize ChatGPT to automate responses but ensure an easy option for customers to contact a human agent for more complex queries.

Data Analysis: Leverage WOZTELL’s data analysis capabilities to gain insights from WhatsApp conversations. This helps in data-driven decision-making and understanding customer needs.

 Some examples

Use cases for implementing WhatsApp and ChatGPT

While the most common use case is providing instant responses to concise questions for customer support, here are some additional WhatsApp and ChatGPT use cases:

Marketing with ChatGPT on WOZTELL:

You can perform the following actions to save time:

a. Respond to comments on Instagram and Facebook using ChatGPT: Define the script you want and easily comment on Instagram and Facebook posts.

b. Send personalized automated messages on Instagram and Facebook after a comment: After responding with artificial intelligence, you can send automated messages to users’ inboxes based on their interests, creating a personalized first contact after a social media interaction.

c. Product recommendations via WhatsApp with ChatGPT: Customers can receive personalized product recommendations and special offers through WhatsApp messages. ChatGPT can analyze customer purchase history and preferences to provide relevant suggestions.

Pre-sales and Sales with ChatGPT and WhatsApp:

You can perform the following actions to save time:

Use cases will vary depending on your business model (B2B, B2C, etc.). Here are some generic examples of using ChatGPT in sales and pre-sales processes:

1. Personalized product recommendations: Utilize customer purchase history and preferences to have ChatGPT’s chatbot offer personalized product recommendations.

2. Cart abandonment follow-ups: The chatbot can send automated reminders to customers who have added products to their shopping carts but haven’t completed the purchase. It can provide a direct link to the shopping cart or address any questions that led to hesitation.

3. Appointment scheduling and product demos: If your company offers services that require scheduling, such as product demos or appointments, ChatGPT can handle the scheduling directly through WhatsApp. Customers can inquire about availability and schedule appointments according to their preferences, streamlining the process.

Customer Support with ChatGPT and WhatsApp:

Apart from 24/7 precise customer responses, you can automate the following:

1. Loading your Knowledge Base for AI-based responses: ChatGPT can automatically respond to common queries or provide basic information about products and company policies.

2. Handling complex questions with agent transfer: If a query is more complex or specific, ChatGPT can transfer the conversation to a live customer support agent, providing relevant information and complete context for efficient problem resolution.

 Step by Step

How to start implementing WhatsApp and ChatGPT

There are two primary ways to integrate ChatGPT into WOZTELL. Here are both options:

1 Installing the ChatGPT Template:
In WOZTELL, we have designed over 100 templates to set up your chatbot in less than 5 minutes. Simply follow the steps in this link, and you’ll have your ChatGPT chatbot up and running in no time. Please note that you need a paid version of OpenAI.

2. Installing the ChatGPT Extension in WOZTELL:

  • Access the WOZTELL marketplace and click the “Get” button for the ChatGPT extension.
  • On the extension page, click “Get” again.
  • A pop-up will appear where you’ll need to fill in the “Alias” and “Description” fields and click “Install.”
  • Once the extension is installed, go to “Installed Extensions,” open the ChatGPT extension, and fill in the “API Key” (you need a paid OpenAI account to obtain the API Key) and “Train your GPT” fields (providing specific instructions to guide ChatGPT on the type of information you expect in its responses).
3. Applying ChatGPT to a Chatbot:
Once the extension is installed, let’s see how to apply ChatGPT’s AI to a chatbot using the WOZTELL chatbot creator:

  • To create a chatbot, you’ll need at least one Global Node and one General Node.
  • Within the Global Node, define a trigger of type “Any Text.”
  • Also, define an Action by filling in the following fields:
    1. Resource Template: ChatGPT (Text completion)
    2. Integration: ChatGPT
    3. OpenAI Model: gpt-3.5-turbo (or the one available in your OpenAI subscription)
    4. Level of creativity/predictability you want your chatbot to have
  • Inside the General Node, define a Text Response with the content: {{botMeta.tempData.openAICompletionResult}}


Final thoughts on using ChatGPT in conversational channels: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and webchat

In a world where customer service is essential for business success, it’s crucial to adapt and leverage technology to meet customer expectations. The challenge of providing fast and accurate responses on WhatsApp is now easier to overcome thanks to the combination of ChatGPT and WOZTELL. These tools enable you to automate responses, offer 24/7 support, and enhance the customer experience.

By implementing these solutions and following best practices, your company can excel in WhatsApp customer service, providing quick and accurate responses that impress customers and help you thrive in a competitive market. Technology is here to assist you in overcoming the challenge, so make the most of ChatGPT and WOZTELL to elevate your customer service experience to new heights!

WhatsApp ChatGPT use
WhatsApp ChatGPT use