Use case: ALIMOTOR


The Client

Industry: Automotive
Company size:More than 10 employees.
Implanter: WOZTELL

Description of the company:

Alimotor is the official dealer in Alicante for the FCA group brands. They started their activity with Fiat in the 80s.

Today they are one of the most experienced car dealers, with the largest number of customers in the region.

Their two facilities in Alicante are equipped with showroom and post-sales services.

Their team is available to help you purchase or repair your vehicle and will assist you with the utmost professionalism, solvency and transparency.

The challenge

Manual and slow all and contact management.

Alimotor had to manage all their calls and contacts manually and this affected their time management.

Many customer enquiries became repetitive, and they had to write the same answers over and over again. Their queries about technical certifications and vehicle information were suffering.

The Solution

Use of templates for technical certificates, commercial information and vehicle maintenance.

After starting to use Woztell, Alimotor was able to manage frequently asked questions through templates. The questions were already in the template and the agents only had to select the answer. This allowed them to handle more queries in less time.

Alimotor was able to better manage their conversations about technical certificates, commercial information and vehicle maintenance.

alimotor móvil

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