Success Story

With a 95% automated response rate thanks to ChatGPT connected to WhatsApp, the energy company Alanís implemented an assistant for automatic qualification.


cost reduction


time reduction.

Ingeniería Eléctrica Alanís chatbot WhatsApp
Ingeniería Eléctrica Alanís chatbot WhatsApp

Company: Ingeniería Eléctrica Alanís
Industry: Solar panel installation
Function: WhatsApp chatbot, Lead Generation
Platform: WhatsApp Business PlatformAlanís Electrical Engineering is composed of a team of professionals in the electrical sector dedicated to providing tailored solutions. Their primary focus is directed towards industry and commerce to enhance their competitiveness.

Ingeniería Eléctrica Alanís chatbot WhatsApp

Who is Ingeniería Eléctrica Alanís?

Ingeniería Eléctrica Alanís is a benchmark in innovative and efficient electrical solutions for industry and commerce. It stands out for its commitment to sustainability and energy optimization. It is a company that has decided to innovate in an area that required a lot of time to qualify leads that were not their ICP.

With 30 years of experience, they offer advisory services, construction project development and electrical installations, energy optimization, and economic savings, including photovoltaic energy technology and medium voltage projects, ensuring energy efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What did Alanís Electrical Engineering need?

A solution to automate data collection from their clients’ electric bills. It was always managed through WhatsApp but depended on the manual qualification process. With the integration between ChatGPT and WhatsApp, they have improved their interaction rates and, therefore, their sales.

Alanís faced the critical need to streamline and simplify collecting electricity bills from their potential customers. This process, vital to preparing personalized and accurate quotations, represented a bottleneck in their workflow.

Besides being time-intensive and effortful for their advisory team, the manual methodology delayed the response time, affecting the customer experience and the company’s operational efficiency.

What did Ingeniería Eléctrica Alanís need about ChatGPT and WhatsApp?

The company decided to take a step forward in innovation and efficiency by implementing a bot integrated with artificial intelligence. This bot was designed to simulate realistic conversations with customers. It automated the collection of electricity bills, freeing the advisors from a repetitive task and allowing them to focus on providing a more personalized and effective service.

What was WOZTELL’s WhatsApp Cloud solution?

Ingeniería Eléctrica Alanís needed the automation of data collection from their clients’ electric bills through an artificial intelligence assistant on WhatsApp integrated with their CRM.

To overcome the challenge of efficiently collecting electricity bills from potential clients, Alanís adopted an innovative solution: automating this process through an intelligent virtual assistant. This chatbot, operating within WhatsApp and managed by an artificial intelligence developed with ChatGPT, integrated seamlessly with their CRM system, revolutionizing how the company approached the initial data collection needed for their quotations.

Before Implementation

The previous management was characterized by a manual approach, in which advisors spent considerable time requesting, collecting, and processing clients’ electricity bills.

This method was laborious, prone to errors, and consumed valuable resources that could have been used to improve customer care and service.

Additionally, it generated waiting times for customers that worsened their experience with Alanís.

After Implementation

The introduction of the chatbot on WhatsApp, powered by artificial intelligence, radically transformed the invoice collection process.

This virtual assistant efficiently automated invoice collection and its integration with Zoho CRM facilitated more effective lead tracking and management. This improved control over the sales process and allowed optimization based on concrete and analytical data.

How Ingeniería Eléctrica Alanís uses WhatsApp and ChatGPT

In addition to using WOZTELL to operate the chatbot integrated with ChatGPT and Zoho CRM, Alanís uses WOZTELL daily for live chat management, communicating with their clients via WhatsApp, and sending mass notifications.