Use case: Advice Group LATAM

AdviceGroup LATAM

The Client

Industry: Technology
Company: Advice Group LATAM
Company size: More than 10 employees
Integrator: Woztell

Description of the company:

Advice Group Latam is a company that provides digital solutions in Guatemala and Honduras.

They work with the leading brands of software and hardware in the world. They are dedicated to providing software support to customers, and consulting in the IT field, to optimize businesses information processes.

In addition, they also specialize in reducing technological/operational risks, systems security, information systems management and cloud-based enterprise solutions.

The challenge

Improve their current forms of communication to make them more efficient

Initially, Advice Group had to do everything manually. Most of their messages came in through WhatsApp Web.

As it was through this medium,  they were often disconnected, which was detrimental to the work rhythm and the quality of communication.

Their agents lost control over the information and many of these chats could not be answered.

The Solution

Automation and centralization of all conversations

By starting to use Woztell, Advice Group was able to have all their conversations in one place.

They also had more control over the conversations as they could start assigning them.

Now all agents have their own conversations and can track them so that they are able to manage the information provided much more effectively.


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