Abandoned cart recovery

How to increase the abandoned cart recovery rate with broadcast messages on WhatsApp


One of the main problems e-commerce faces is the abandonment of the shopping carts. This happens when the user chooses the products that they want, but before finishing the purchase abandons the webpage.

If you are part of the sales department, you know the abandonment rate can be as high as 70% (Baymard Institute, 2022). Which means a great loss of sales for your business.

To reduce the abandonment rate you need a recovery and a purchase completion strategy.

The problem

Let’s put ourselves in the picture.

An e-commerce that sales clothes has difficulties because many of their customers add products to their carts, but do not complete the purchase.

As part of the sales team of the e-commerce you need to understand what is going on and what is the best solution. So you analyze your webpage and ask your customers.

The results show that:

  • The abandonment rate can be as high as 70% (Baymard Institute, 2022)
  • 48% of the abandonment rate is do to elevated extra costs (Baymard Institute, 2022)


One option to reduce the abandonment rates is to send e-mails to the users, reminding them about their cart and encouraging them to finish the purchase.

However, the trends have changed and no one reads e-mails anymore.

This results in that no one reads the reminder and your communications end up in the infinite list of unread emails.


You do some research about how to reduce abandonment rates and discover WhatsApp Cloud API. More specifically, it’s functionality to send Broadcast Messages and encourage your customers with a special discount.

Remember that your users must opt-in to your WhatsApp communications. You can obtain the opt-in with a pop-up on your webpage so they will be able to receive your messages without creating an account. This makes things easier for your customers.

 The results


WhatsApp open rate


E-mail open rate  


Tasa de clic WhatsApp


Tasa de clic e-mail


Increase in clicks with personalized push campaigns


Cart recovery with WhatsApp


Tasa de apertura WhatsApp


E-mail open rate  


WhatsApp click-through rate


E-mail click-through rate


Increase in clicks with personalized push campaigns<>


Cart recovery with WhatsApp

Good practices

When you use WhatsApp Cloud API, there are two ways to have a conversation with your customers. On the one hand, your customer can send a message and open a 24h interaction window.

On the other hand, your company can send the first message. You must do this by using a WhatsApp message template.

A cart recovery message falls in this last category.

Here you have some tips to make the template more dynamic:

  • Include a CTA button that directs to the payment platform.
  • Add multimedia elements to make it more attractive and encourage your customers to interact with the message.

Also, it is a good idea to create a sense of urgency or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This means to create the sensation that you are offering something only for a short time or that is about to sell out.

Step by step

Recover abandoned shopping carts is easier than you think with WOZTELL and WhatsApp Cloud API. You just need to follow these steps.

  1. In the WhatsApp channel go to Platform > Message Template.
  2. Click on create.
  3. Choose a name (no caps or spaces).
  4. Choose the category of your template. In this case Transactions.
  5. Fill in the fields that appear on the platform. Only the Body field is required.
  6. On the message Header you can add a multimedia message
  7. Configure the buttons. In this case, choose Call to action.
  8. Complete the Button text field and the URL it will direct.
  9. Click on submit and wait for the WhatsApp approval.

Here you have a video where we explain to you the types of multimedia elements that can be used in WhatsApp and WOZTELL.

Make a payment through WhatsApp


We don’t need to remind you that cart abandonment is one of the main problems of e-commerce. But given the reasons why customers don’t complete the purchase, it can be overwhelming to find a solution.

With WhatsApp Cloud API and WOZTELL you have a great tool to increase the cart recovery rate and boost your sales.
broadcast messages are a great way to interact with your customers, offer them a special discount, and an easy and fast way to complete the payment.