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WhatsApp Template Message Pricing

WhatsApp Fee*



Woztell Fee



You will pay 


WhatsApp charges a per-message fee to send Template messages. This price depends on the destination country. WOZTELL charges a separate flat-rate per message platform fee for any and all countries.*Check out all the prices here

4 Steps to buy Woztell

Select your
Best Plan

Select a plan and buy it. According what you need if you have any doubt please get in touch with us, we are 24/7 working for you in our WhatsApp or contact us to

Select your Credit for Messages

Select the amount of money you want to recharge to send templates, use extra agents or extra clients. When your recharge is below 20% we will load a new one on your credit card.


Our setup team will help you to follow all the legal steps to get your official WhatsApp number (it can have cost). When your account is active we will do the integration and train you.

Start Using and Growth Up

Start communications with your customers sending and/or receiving messages, automating your sales and customer care process and grow your business.

The features can be subject to changes and/or limited based on changes in provider services such as SalesForce, ZOHO, WhatsApp, AWS, or business reasons.

Local taxes (VAT, goods and services tax, etc.) will be charged additionally with respect to the prices mentioned above.

Pricing FAQs

Do the messages cost?

WOZTELL charges a flat price for each template managed message, incoming or outgoing. WhatsApp charges a variable cost depending on the receiving country. You can check the prices by country HERE.

What is a Template Message?

Message Templates are 1-way outgoing notifications, and each template must be manually approved by WhatsApp.
They cannot be used for marketing and promotional messages.

What is a Session Message?

Session messages are messages sent and received during the 24-hour open window.

What is Chatbot Message?

With the Chatbot plan you can create your own chatbots to manage your clients’ messages automatically 24/7. You can try our own chatbot created with WOZTELL here

What is the 24 hour window?

As long as customers send you a message / initiates the conversation, you are able to reply to the customer within a 24 hour window of the last received message from the customer. During this window you can whatsapp them free-form. Out of this window you can initiate the conversation only using a Template message.

Which are the permitted categories in Template Messages?

1. Account Update
2. Alert Update
3. Appointment Update
4. Issue Resolution
5. Payment Update
6. Personal Finance Update
7. Reservation Update
8. Shipping Update
9. Ticket Update
10. Transportation Update

Can I see an example to understand what messages cost?

Let’s imagine that we use WOZTELL to inform our customer about their invoice state.

13:05 Us (Template): Hello {{Name}}, your invoice {{number}} has been sent to your bank to be charged.
13:22 Client: Sorry? I have not bought anything this month.
13:23 Client: What are you charging me?
13:40 Us (session message): Let me verify it, please.
13:41 Us (session message): This invoice charges some products that were not charged last month. Do you want me to send you the invoice in PDF?
16:25 Client: No, thanks. Everything is fine
19:56 Us (session message): Thank you for your comments. Remember that you can contact us by whatsapp at any time. Have a great day

Tuesday (24h after the last message of the customer)
19:57 Us, we can comunicate only using a new template.

In this example, you will pay the Template Message sent at Monday 13:05 and Tuesday 19:57.
Each message that the customer write to us (13:22, 13:23, 16:25) open a 24 hour window that let us send session message.

Can I get a demo of Woztell?

Sure thing! We’ll be happy to show you how Woztell works through a web-conference whenever suits you. The demo is a 15 minutes-long session. To schedule your demo, please contact us.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. We also accept payments via bank transfer for yearly subscriptions. For more details, please contact us on

Is my data safe?

We’re passionate about keeping your data safe and secure. Woztell is hosted by your software vendor marketplace (ZOHO, Salesforce, etc.). Their security system works with video monitoring, biometric access, and advanced fire, flood, and theft monitoring systems. For more information about security, please either contact us or your software vendor.

How long are your contracts?

You will not be bonded by any contracts or commitments. Woztell is a pay-as-you-go service (monthly or yearly), so you can make changes to your plan whenever you need to.

Are you EU-US Privacy Shield compliant?

Yes. We do comply with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the Department of Commerce which applies to the collection, use, and retention of customer personal data from the European Union. It doesn’t matter whether you are based in Europe or not, we will protect your personal information and data with the same passion.

Is there an annual payment plan?

Yes. If you want to pay annually you can do it by credit card with the subscription on the web, or by bank transfer. In both cases you must estimate the annual consumption of messages when making the payment

Got more questions?

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