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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MAU?
Monthly Active Users (MAU) record the number of unique users interacting with a channel. If a unique user interacts with more than one channel, it will count as multiple MAU.
How does the pricing work on WOZTELL?
In the simplest form, there’s a fixed cost and a variable one.
You’ll have a fixed cost, which is the subscription; you won’t pay anything extra for all our platform services. Additionally, you’ll need to leave a deposit to cover the variable costs of WhatsApp Consumption or MAUs.
How much will I pay if I subscribe today?
It’s straightforward; you’ll pay the proportional part of the monthly subscription and leave a deposit to prepay for extra WhatsApp conversations and MAUs.
For example, if you subscribe on the 15th of the month to the Monthly Growth plan:
– Growth Subscription: $49.50
– Prepaid Deposit: $100
– Total: $149.50
What is the prepayment deposit for?

It’s for covering possible variable costs in your account: WhatsApp Conversations or MAUs.

WhatsApp Conversations: WhatsApp will charge us per conversation. Remember, there are two ways to initiate a conversation: User Initiated or Business Initiated. With WOZTELL, you have 1000 User-Initiated messages, and all Business-Initiated messages will be charged based on the recipient’s country and the type of template used. Read more here:

Example Growth plan with 2000 sent conversations in the USA:
– Starting Month Deposit: $100
– WhatsApp Business Initiated
– Marketing Templates to USA – 2000 * 0,030 = $60
– End of the Month Deposit = $40

Monthly Active Users (MAUs): You can talk with as much as persons as you want, in the plans are including 400 (Starter), 1000 (Growth) or unlimited in the Agency Plan. Each additional MAU not included in your account we will charge from the deposit $0,08.

For example, Growth plan with 1,500 MAUs at the end of the month:
– Starting Month Deposit: $100
– Total MAUs for the Month: 1500 * $0.08 = $40 (1000 included)
– End of Month Deposit: $100 – $40 = $60

When the prepayment deposit its renew?
Only when you consume 90% of the deposit, if you don’t consume anything of variable cost, will you maintain your prepayment deposit.
Can I use my WhatsApp number?
Yes, of course. Remember that you’ll now use the WhatsApp Cloud API, losing access to the familiar WhatsApp application. You can use our application to send and receive messages. We recommend contacting our sales team first to clarify any specific situations.
What happens once I subscribe to WOZTELL?
You’ll have an installation session for all our clients. The goal is to get your account up and running and help you overcome any difficulties connecting WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or others. We’ll accompany you through the process.
How can I create ChatBots on WhatsApp, IG, FB, and Webchat?
You can access over 300 WhatsApp templates for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. With the Growth & Agency plans, you’ll have access to a support plan. Additionally, all our clients have access to our support and success team via WhatsApp and Email.
When can I cancel my account or change plans?
You can cancel your account or change plans whenever you want.
What is the cost associated with WhatsApp conversations?

Starting June 1, 2023, the price of WhatsApp conversations will change based on the type of template sent, using new categories. The first 1,000 user-initiated conversations of the month will be free. Conversations will still be charged, including all messages delivered within a 24-hour period, but now there will be four types of conversations associated with the new template categories, each with an associated cost. Check the updated rates and how it works.