Now that we live stick to our smartphone…and WhatsApp having a great blame for that, mobile payments have become a common place to do so. Moreover, with the situation that we live, they have shown us that, not only does it make life more comfortable, but it also makes it safer.

Currently, most of us have given up on cash due to the pandemic that we are experiencing around the world, and now that we have lost that physical contact with the rest of the society, we can realise, more than ever, the remarkable function of these platforms that allow us not only to communicate but also to pay, from our own mobile.

A few months ago, we were specifically talking about the possibility that WhatsApp took this step in this another post. WhatsApp Payments is already active in countries like Brazil and Mexico and is arriving in India to be introduced later this month. So if you are in India you are lucky!

Introducing payments on WhatsApp is one of this year’s most anticipated updates on the instant messaging giant. This could make WhatsApp the great rival of the popular BIZUM.

At the end of May 2020 in India, WhatsApp Payments will be introduced, which will be a collaboration with 4 financial institutions that will support the launch; as well as, with the country’s Government.

Spain will be one of the following countries to enjoy this functionality, with the advantage that the app will already have previous experience.

It is not yet known how it will work in the rest of the countries, but what is clear is that it will allow payment between users, and given the company’s focus on business, the possibility of promoting trade through this platform is not ruled out.

At the top of the shelf, the accessibility in India to the tool will be step by step so as not to overload the servers. The same will be done when the launch reaches Spain.

Security and privacy

Not surprisingly, the security and privacy of transactions are essential in this matter, which is why Facebook has been working with bank regulators throughout this time so that its payment service has maximum security and solid server infrastructure.

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