Two years ago, the WOZTELL team started on a green road, WhatsApp’s voyage, without knowing where it would take them. The team knew that a solution was needed in order to take control of the corporation’s sales team; in just a short period of time, they realised they were anticipating the future.

In terms of digital transformation, COVID has accelerated everything, and in the sphere of WhatsApp official for Business, there is still much to be done.

WOZTELL works with different types of business partners, and people involved in the Marketing and/or Sales and Customer Service fields are the ones generating a larger amount of new business.

WhatsApp is ideally suited for efficient communication of a customer with:

  • one or more agents.
  • multi-number communication.
  • automated communication based on events.
  • incident resolution.
  • transaction management.
  • chatbots 24/7.

Each customer needs dozens of specialised consulting hours in order to exploit possibilities at their maximum potential.

Throughout the following 3 weeks, and by means of a 2 hours weekly webinar, we will coach you on how to make money selling projects on WhatsApp.

You will learn what the current market situation is, what is needed, sales methodology, and how to develop your own WhatsApp project for the digital transformation of a business. We will focus on the main goals that our thousands of clients have, and we will teach you how to generate thousands of Euros of income per each client gained.

We encourage you and your team to participate in all sessions; the first session will focus on what it is and how to sell WhatsApp, and the following two sessions will focus on how to set up messages and even how to create your first chatbot.

Sign up by clicking on the below image of the session you are interested in joining, and we will send you an email reminder for each session.

José Pérez, Founder