Partner Summit 2022: Resources Section for Partners

In the last section of our Partner Summit, we had the presence of Gimena Rodriguez and Rafael Tormo.

Their turn to speak focused on the new resources for partners within WOZTELL, both in terms of marketing and knowledge and customer support.

The moderator of this session was José Miguel Espinar, our CMO.

Let’s see what they told us.

And if you want to see the video of the session, click here

Marketing and contents

Gimena, head of the design and web department, was in charge of showing us some of the tools that our partners can use to get customers.

Referral link

A functionality to highlight for our partners is the creation of the referral link. This link is customized for each partner and allows you to track your customers.

Thus, each registration in our platform will be associated to the corresponding partner.

A ready-to-use solution for customer traceability that will allow you to manage both registrations and traffic sent to our website.

Landing Pages and Templates

Throughout these months we have been working to create quality landing pages for our partners.

This tool (which we use on a daily basis) can be used for email marketing or chat campaigns to direct to the corresponding page. Each of the partners’ landing pages will have its own code to trace potential customers.

Another of our adventures has been the development of chatbot templates.

Our builder is available anytime for anyone who wants to try it, but if you don’t know where to start, then the templates are the solution.

We have a Templates Gallery, designed with different levels of integration and for different channels.

In each of the templates you will find a usage tutorial and linked tutorials to expand the knowledge about our builder and chatbots.

These tutorials will allow you to easily install the chatbots associated with the templates and modify them according to your customers’ needs.

Graphic resources

Our graphic design team has been quite busy during these months.

Thanks to their effort and work, we now have a section of different resources in the Canva application.

Canva allows us to create and share template assets with WOZTELL branding for use in ad campaigns, social media promotions.

With just a couple of clicks, you can edit and adapt the content, following the WOZTELL design line.

Everything at your disposal.

YouTube Channel

If you venture into our YouTube channel, you will see that there has also been a redesign of the videos and the channel in general.

Focusing on the educational element, you will be able to make use of videos such as:

  • Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Onboardings

All this material is of great use for our partners to learn how to get the full potential of our tool and to share it with customers as well.


On our web, in the resources section, you will find 4 e-books that you can use with your clients:

As with landing pages, these resources can be used for marketing campaigns. By simply adding your custom code, you can have information about your potential customers mapped out.

At the moment there are 4, but in the future there will be many more!

Use Cases and Success Stories

Other extremely useful sections for our partners are the use cases and success stories.

Both types detail real cases of clients who have used our platform and have obtained positive results. Both in their effectiveness and in their income.

The use cases gather all the companies that wanted to share their experience with us and are excellent examples that can serve as inspiration on how to use WOZTELL.

Meanwhile, the success stories stand out for the great impact that our platform has had on their business model. In addition, our success stories have been published on Meta as you can see by clicking on each of them.

Our desire is that in the future our partners will share their customers’ experiences. All of this is part of a model that works to validate the work of our partners and the functionality of our platform.

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Customer service and support

Rafa Tormo was in charge of presenting the new tools available to our partners in terms of customer service and support.

Knowledge base

This section is constantly under development and improvement.

Whenever a customer contacts us, we use the knowledge base to provide the information they need about their query.

In case it does not exist, we develop an article and share it.

This way, all the knowledge about the most frequent and the most specific doubts is compiled in the same place.

Technical documentation

The content of our webinars, tutorials, articles… Everything comes from the source of knowledge that is the technical documentation.

We compile all the functionalities and features of the platform in this section. It is a dynamic content, in constant creation and improvement.

It is the closest thing to a full “manual” about WOZTELL.

Live chat

In case there is any doubt and the answer is not in the knowledge base, our platform has a live chat 24/5.

This channel connects users with our technicians to offer fast and efficient solutions.

Incidents or doubts can be solved through the same chat or a remote live session, depending on the case.

During weekends, emergencies are attended to by e-mail. A ticket is generated to help both our technicians and users to follow up on their case

Support panel

Speaking of tickets, in the event of an incident, we have a platform to follow up on it.

In the case of our partners, you can also follow up by sending an email to


The main mission of these resources is more than clear:

They are tools to work with WOZTELL and maximize the potential customer acquisition of our partners.

All resources have been created to help our partners grow, because it is with them that we achieve our own goals.

And you, would you like to be our next partner? 😉

Video of the session

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