Partner Summit 2022: Examples of WOZTELL campaigns with Partners

Throughout the Partner Summit we covered several areas and points.

In this section, we talked about the characteristics of each campaign and the benefits for our partners.

It was moderated by José Miguel Espinar, our CMO and part of the team working on the campaigns joined.

We tell you all about it in this article.

If you want to see the video of the session, click here.

Facebook Chat Plugin Campaign

While the ultimate goal of this campaign is to get customers to install the Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin, we have several milestones along the way.

What our team is looking for is to find partners in all regions who want to increase their revenue and work with a powerhouse like Facebook.

We decided to manage the campaign through Key Account Managers. The role of these team members is to manage and communicate with partners who are dedicated to spreading the word about the offer.

The team is comprised of:

Jerry Vale De Los Ríos woztell Key Account Manager


Europe, Middle East and Africa regions in both English and Spanis, connect with Jerry here:

Patricia Morao


Latin America, connect with Patricia here:

anna sebastian woztell kam


Asia-Pacific, connect with Anna here:

The two KAM that work with our English partners joined us for the presentation, and we were able to ask them about their impressions about the project.


The first turn to speak was Jerry’s. He has been working for weeks in this project, and that’s why he could answer the question of our CMO:

How do the hunters feel about the campaign?

Jerry told us how well-received the offer has been by the hunters (the partners in this campaign, but with a cooler name).

After several meetings with hunters, he reported how unbelievable the offer is for them. They can offer $100 in Facebook ads and WOZTELL’s Starter License for free.

All of it while receiving commissions for each client that subscribes to the offer. That’s why they are willing to work and learn about the project.


Our KAM for Asia-Pacific was the next one to answer questions about the campaign:

How are you, the hunters and clients feeling about the promotion?

Anna didn’t hesitate to answer that the hunters are very excited and interested in this project. She remarked how everyone is very used to Facebook and other apps as a means to communicate.

“It is also a great opportunity as well” was her final statement, summing up how they hope to meet new partners to bring onboard to the project.

Puedes conocer mas sobre la campaña en su página pulsando aquí.

The workframe of this campaign

Our CMO still had a last question to pass on to the Key Account Managers of the project:

What do you think about working with WOZTELL, partners and Facebook all in one campaign?


“Facebook has chosen the best platform to work with because WOZTELL already has been their partner for a long time. It is an easy platform to use for both hunters and users. I believe it’s a great campaign”.


“Many people are amazed with this campaign because they communicate with their phones. Now, with WOZTELL, they can answer and deal with clients there, in those [social] apps that work daily on our devices”.

We feel the need to highlight Jerry’s last remark:

Don’t think twice, come with us and enjoy the journey.

You can learn more about the campaign on their web by clicking here.

Want to know more? Let´s talk via WhatsApp!

Co-Marketing Campaigns

To give another example of campaigns, we were joined by Carlos, one of our Pay Per Click Manager from the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

One of the objectives of this campaign is to work with partners.

The modus operandi is as simple as it is effective: finance 50% of the campaigns of partners that are related to WOZTELL.

We are not only talking about campaigns to sell licenses, we also want to collaborate in campaigns to spread knowledge and opportunities.

One way to collaborate with our partners is to generate valuable content such as webinars and then promote them with this type of campaign to multiply their reach.

To achieve as a team benefits that will appear in the form of revenue and leads in your marketing funnels.

Talking to Carlos, José Miguel asked him this question:

Hablando con Carlos, José Miguel le lanzó esta pregunta:

How do you think partners will view this type of collaboration?

Our PPC was ready to answer, and emphasized what a good opportunity it is to combine efforts and teams. And how, thanks to this union, the results can be tripled.

All with an opportunity that our partners did not have before.

If you are interested in learning more about this type of campaign, please contact us.


This section of the Partner Summit gave us a first-hand look at some of the campaigns available to partners and a chance to put a face to the team responsible.

Two campaigns and two projects that are already in full swing. We are looking for partners like you to maximize the benefits, are you in?

Video of the session

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