Why become a partner?

Woztell: WhatsApp for business software

Reliable and professional
business network

Woztell: WhatsApp for business software

Transparent commission scheme and ethical work methods

Woztell: WhatsApp for business software

Pre-sales and strategic support

Woztell: WhatsApp for business software

Qualified leads and opportunities

Woztell: WhatsApp for business software

After-sales care and ongoing support

Partner Types

Technology Partner

Are you a CRM, Help Desk, Fintech, etc., consultant or implantations company?
Woztell needs tech partners to make consulting and onboarding of Woztell.

Service Partner

Are you a customer service center or a marketing service provider? Woztell will help to offer your customers new services and get cross-selling incomings.

Referral Partner

Are you a freelance digital marketer, a business developer or a tech guru? Use WOZTELL to add value to your customers’ business strategies and let us grow together. Refer your customers to WOZTELL and get your monthly commissions.

Evangelist Partner

Are you an influential person in your world? Do you want to invite other people to become a Referral Partner? Get income for your direct sales and for the sales of your friends, and their friends!

Reliable and Professional Network

Reliable commission scheme

Since the beginning, we’ll agree on a transparent commission scheme. The agreements we make with each partner are respected throughout the duration of our partnership, both in terms of content and timing.

Ethical work methods

In our business and partner network, ethics are above winning at any cost. We don’t accept misleading practices to justify results.

We are professional and multilingual

Our team members have high standards of professionalism and can serve partners in English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Italian.

Pre-Sales Support

Gain credibility

Being a Woztell partner, you’ll gain more credibility towards your potential customers. We will create useful sales tools such as engaging content and presentations tailored to your customer’s objectives.

Targeted strategies

We will work together since day one to create a targeted business strategy plan tailored to your needs and resources. If you don’t have enough experience in product marketing or don’t know a specific market type, we will work with you to create workflows and goal-setting techniques to achieve successful results.

Qualified leads and opportunities

Woztell will assign opportunities and qualified leads based on each partner’s resources and key features, geographic location, capabilities, and customer type and needs. To streamline this process, Woztell will use the most appropriate communication channels and will apply a standard control and monitoring of the partner’s lead management process.

Woztell: WhatsApp for business software

Cross-selling and Up-selling

Through combined marketing actions, continuous support and analysis of existing customers, we will identify opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. We’ll make sure to communicate these opportunities to the partner in a timely manner for follow-up.

Monthly catch-ups

We’ll organize a monthly video conference with each partner to review key topics and business strategy. The monthly video conference has the advantage of keeping the focus on important matters and brings fewer efforts in terms of organization and costs.

After-Sales Care and Support

Dedicated Support Team

At Woztell we believe that giving always right, effective and timely help to our partners and customers is fundamental. We cannot conceive a healthy and successful business without an adequate Support Team that backs up all the actions, projects and sales that we complete every day.

Improved Response Times

We work with defined SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to ensure that the response and resolution times happen within the timeframe agreed with the partner.

Woztell: WhatsApp for business software

Optimized HelpDesk

Our Support centre is configured to handle emails, requests and tickets in the shortest time possible.

Training and webinars

At Woztell, we provide training and webinars for the optimal use of Woztell and its integrations as well as WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, engaging content creation and more.

Conflict resolution

In case there’s a conflict between a partner and a customer or between partners, Woztell will directly intervene to mitigate conflicts. We want all our partners to be happy!

Let´s talk!

Interested in becoming a partner? Just fill-up the form below or write to contact@woztell.com.
We will get back to you and schedule an initial partner evaluation call.

Partner FAQs
What kind of partners are there?

There are 4 types of partners: (1) Referral, they bring new clients to WOZTELL, already sold or very close to the sale, (2) Technology, they help WOZTELL customers to get the most out of WOZTELL by creating automation, bots, reports, etc., (3) Service, they sell customer loyalty services, customer care, communication campaigns, etc. to their own customers and (4) Evangelist, they gets other future Referral Partners to know WOZTELL and start selling it.

Can I become more than one type of partner?

There are cases in which technology and service partners prefer not to be referrals, to avoid a conflict of interests. You can ask us to become a partner of one, two or three types. Contact us here.

Does WOZTELL pay commissions to its partners?

Yes. WOZTELL pays different types of commissions and incentives to its business partners.

What are the sales commissions?

Sales commissions are the money that WOZTELL pays on recurring basis to its business partners, for their help in getting new customers.

What are the commissions for new partners?

Commissions for new partners are commissions that WOZTELL pays to its existing business partners, for their help in getting new business partners.

What types of income can we have thanks to WOZTELL?

WOZTELL pays its partners (1) commissions for Woztell licenses sales, (2) rappel for biannual sales volume, (3) commission for new attracted partners. You can also generate income by selling services on the product (automation parameterizations, bots creation, training, etc.) and services on product use (communication campaigns, loyalty plans, etc.)

What are the rappels and how are they calculated?

Rappel is a one-off payment based on sales goals achievement. If you achieve your goals, you will get a bonus which will be paid during the months of January and July.

I am not a company. Can I become a WOZTELL partner?

Yes. There are partners which are companies, freelancers, etc.

How much is the commission that I will get paid?

To know the commissions percentages, you should have a meeting with us. You can ask for one here.

When will I receive my income?

Commissions get informed monthly and the partner can send an invoice to request payment at any time.

Will my WOZTELL income be recurring?

There are recurring commissions and rappels by objectives.

Where will I receive my income from WOZTELL?

You can receive your income in any bank of any country that is not considered a tax haven, or there might exist some conflict of interests.

Can I lose my already charged commissions?

In cases where WOZTELL must (1) return money from customer payments, (2) face any special expenses not agreed with the client and/or with the partner, WOZTELL may inform and manage the return of the commission obtained by a specific client.

Why WOZTELL pays its partners?

WOZTELL wants happy, motivated and proactive partners, and this must be paid.

Do all types of partners receive income?

Only Referral and Evangelist partners earn commissions. Technology or service partners earn income from their customers’ projects or services including WOZTELL. Remember that you can be a partner of one or more types.

Do I have a commitment to new sales?

If you want to charge the periodic commissions and rappels you must meet a sales minimum during commission window. If you want to charge commissions for evangelization you must attract a minimum number of new partners per period that generate real sales.

If I sell a lot, is there a commission limit?

No. Are you crazy?

Why WOZTELL wants to have partners?

At WOZTELL we understand that we have a lot of work to do and we need a team in all the world’s countries that help us to carry it out.

What happens if my client calls to WOZTELL directly?

Your client can call WOZTELL and request the help or information he needs. If you have indicated that it is your client, you will not have any problem in charging your commission.

How do I notify WOZTELL of what clients we are working on?

Within the platform for partners there is a form that you can fill in with your client’s data. He will receive an automatic email thanking him for his interest in WOZTELL, with a copy to you. You can also send an email to new-deal@woztell.com with CC to your client, introducing him to us.

WOZTELL pays in dollars or euros?

Commissions are generated in the currencies in which WOZTELL works. It may be the case that you have commissions in US Dollars and Euros. In that case, you must indicate if you want to receive both commissions in the same or different bank accounts.

Do I need to send an invoice to WOZTELL to get payout?

Yes. Once a month you get an email with the details of the commissions accumulated. If you send us the invoice we will proceed with the payment. If you prefer to accumulate them for later, the following month you will receive the full amount of your pending commissions.

Can I get payout through PAYPAL?

Yes. PAYPAL is one of the platforms we use to pay commissions and any other payments to our partners.

Can I get payout in my bank?

You can define how you want to receive your commissions: bank, Paypal or other means that our Partner Support department indicates.

When am I entitled to the commission?

As long as you have generated more than USD100 or 100€, accumulated.

Can I lose my future commissions?

Yes. You have the obligation to get some clients during commission window. If you do not, your right to charge commissions may disappear. To know the minimum objectives to meet, you can have a meeting with us by filling the form HERE.

Who pays taxes, cost for currency exchange, etc. of my commissions?

Any expenses needed to pay your commissions are paid by the person receiving the payment.

Is there a contract for partners?

Yes. The contract is signed at the time you bring a first customer. We hate bureaucracy and make commitments that do not become benefits for everyone.

Can my partner contract terminate?

If you breach any of the ethical conditions of the contract, execute a bad practice, or other similar reason, WOZTELL will terminate the contract unilaterally and without the right to claim.

What is an Evangelist partner?

It is a person or company, that gets other future Referral Partners to know WOZTELL and start selling it.

What kind of incomes does an Evangelist partner get?

The income is unlimited. The more new Referral partners you attract the more recurring revenue you will receive.

What happens if another partner brought by me also becomes an Evangelist?

The more new clients your evangelizers attract, the more income you will earn. Does not exist unlimited number of partners evangelized by you, or commission-generating customers.

How much is my income as an Evangelist partner?

The more new clients your evangelizers attract, the more income you will earn. Does not exist limited number of partners evangelized by you, or commission-generating customers.

When does an Evangelist partner get payout of its commissions?

Twice a year, during the month of July and the month of January.

Can the conditions of my partner contract change over time?

The contract is a living work tool. If the working conditions of WhatsApp change, if those of the Amazon servers we use change, if the legislation changes, etc., it may be necessary to change the conditions of the contract, informing you previously.

¿How can I become a partner?

Fill out the CONTACT form. Choose the type of meeting you request and we will contact you after receiving your request.

¿Do I need to comply with any specific requirement to become a partner?

Depending on the type of partner you want to be, you must choose one or more types of partnership. Each type of partner has different needs and recommendations.

In case I'm selling other services which are competitors of Woztell, ¿Can I become a partner?

In WOZTELL we think that our service has no competition. If you sell other services, for us the most important thing is that your business is going well, so there is no conflict in selling other services.

How can I terminate my partner contract?

You can send an email to partner-support@woztell.com at any time and request the contract termination. Within 7 days the commissions will be calculated until that moment, analysis of the commitments by both parties at that time, and you will be contacted to end the relationship.

Can Woztell finalise my contract?

In the event that a partner breaches the partner contract at some point, commits action against the WOZTELL interests, or is sanctioned for breaching his country’s national laws or international laws, with aspects related to business ethics or in general for any aspect included in the universal declaration of human rights, your contract may be terminated without notice or right to claim.

How do I ask for help to close a sale?

Once you become a Woztell partner, you will be able to get help and advice from our Support team. The main email address of our Partners department is partner-support@woztell.com

Is this page a summary of the partner contract?

No. This page is merely informative and to know the exact Terms and Conditions of the partner contract, you can contact us here. The contract is the only valid and recognized text by WOZTELL, which details the Terms and Conditions between the partner and WOZTELL.

Do I have to do some set up in WOZTELL to be a member?

No. All the WOZTELL configuration necessary to set up WOZTELL is done by WOZTELL technicians.

Can I work in WOZTELL?

Yes. Contact us HERE, and tell us what you would like to do. You would be surprised to know that all of us who work at WOZTELL are people with great enthusiasm and desire to work, and that it is not necessary to know about marketing or development to work here.

Can I sell WOZTELL directly?

WOZTELL is supplied as a monthly renewal service, between the customer who owns the FACEBOOK account and the WhatsApp number used, and WOZTELL. For compliance with data protection policy and quality in service, the service will always be between WOZTELL and the final customer. Payment can be made by the end customer or others on his behalf.

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