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New Pricing Model for WhatsApp Business API  

Starting February 1st, WhatsApp is changing their pricing model. From a notification-based, now the pricing will work according to a conversation-based pricing model.

The basis are:

  • Only pay when you’re ready to scale: the first 1,000 conversations are free
  • Pricing aligned with business objectives: the rates are designed to give flexibility to businesses

And we are going to go into detail of what this will entail for your business. All of it with information coming directly from Meta for Developers.

1. How it works

WhatsApp Business API divides conversations into two different categories:


A conversation that begins with a message sent by the customer. There is a 24h service window for businesses to chat and send free-form messages.


For instance, in the case of customer support, the first 24h since a customer sends a message are free of charge. The agent in charge of supporting customers can send as many messages as needed.

However, if the initial 24h has expired, the company will need to start a new conversation with a template.


Formerly known as notifications, these are the conversations that begin with a business message. These types of conversations require a message template approved by WhatsApp.


One specific case for this type of conversation is airlines. They can use message templates to give updates to flight changes once the user has opted in to receive notifications.

The business-initiated conversation allows companies to send as many messages as necessary after the first one, during 24 hours.

2. Rate cards for countries and regions

The new model separates the rates according to geographical location. You can check the one that applies to you in Meta’s article.

3. Free conversations

As we mentioned before, the first 1,000 conversations each month are free.

Each account receives 1,000 conversations at the beginning of every month. Moreover, these can be either user or business-initiated.

In the case that you have several numbers attached to the account, the number is the same.

4. Ads and CTA buttons

In the case of ads that direct to WhatsApp or Facebook CTA buttons, there will be no charge.

This is because the entry point comes from a user-initiated conversation.

And the story is the same: if you want to initiate a new conversation, you will need to send a message template and the rate will vary according to your location.

5. Conclusion

The new pricing is an opportunity for businesses to discover the potential of WABA. Meta, and us at WOZTELL, we are ready to support and grow when our customers grow.

From the 1st of February of 2022, you will only pay when you are ready to scale.

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