New methods for new results with Woztell

This video introduces you to Woztell, one of the 66 official BSPs of WhatsApp. Our capabilities are in providing complete digital transformation to organizations seeking new results with new methods namely with process automation solutions and conversation automation via Chatbots.


Hi there my name is Taushik Mandal and I am from the Sales Team at Woztell.

In this video we’ll discover what Woztell is.

Woztell is a business solution provider of WhatsApp, what that means is we have been endorsed by WhatsApp to create our solution on top of the WhatsApp Business API and there are only 66 such BSPs of WhatsApp worldwide.

Woztell is massively experienced in undertaking complete Digital Transformation projects for companies seeking new results using new methods, namely in process automation solutions and conversation automation via chatbots.

And.. What do we offer with WhatsApp?

Unified Communication channels, control and automation are the three pillars of our solution. Our customers are able to deploy multiple agents on one line for WhatsApp, so it’s no longer a personal WhatsApp.

Those businesses that have operations in diverse geographies, opt for multiple numbers however they still can operate on one platform.

For business leaders, the most important asset is having the possibility to track the output and performance of their agents. As we log every WhatsApp message with the right status and timestamp, using this feature they now can build strong reports and dashboards.

Our third offering is in conversation automation via Chatbots which will allow you to completely automate your sales pre-qualification process and with Webhooks and Zapier integration, you can send WhatsApp messages based on some triggers and activity on your website and Shopify account, for example.

Woztell is the only native integration with Zoho. We sit in between the Zoho Universe and WhatsApp.

Using Zoho Cliq, we have given users the experience of WhatsApp and the messages are then distributed to either Zoho CRM or Desk.

With Zoho Flow, we can readily connect with 500+ applications.
Zapier integration allows us to connect to 3000+ applications and with Webhooks, the possibilities are endless.

Your next steps begin with you deciding to nail the benefits of Instant Messaging as it holds the key to the present and the future of your business. Automated responses using Templates and Chatbots are important for increasing your sales and with Woztell integration, you can have complete control over your operations.

So write to us on WhatsApp, and book a demo session, using this link. The information and the changes you seek are just a message away on the most personal app on your phone, which is WhatsApp.

See you soon!

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