New feature: live chat to engage with your customers and boost your sales

We have great news!

We are launching our live chat inbox and to celebrate it, we want to share with you some of the benefits that implementing a live chat on different channels can bring to your company.

Let’s begin!

Benefits of implementing a live chat in your company to manage communications with your customers

A live chat allows you to communicate with your customers through messages in real-time. You can integrate this tool in different channels, for example on your website, to help customers that are navigating a webpage without having to open another window and abandon their journey.
You can also implement a live chat on channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. This way, your customers will be able to talk with you using their favorite channels and will feel that they are talking to a friend.

Let’s see some benefits of implementing a live chat in your company.

Improve customer experience

The way we communicate has changed and your customers expect you to be in the channels they use every day. And additionally, they want to communicate with you conveniently and effectively or them, that doesn’t interrupt their day and that keeps their needs in mind.

With a live chat, your customers will be able to talk with you directly and immediately using their favorite channels (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram)

The customer satisfaction rate with a live chat is up to 83%

Moreover, as a real-time communication tool, agents will be able to give your customers a personalized experience, adapting the tone and responses to the customer’s mood and needs to provide the best possible service.

Improve agent productivity

No matter if you use live chat for support, sales, or both, you surely know that answering calls can be exhausting for your agents. Calls can be long and exhausting, and make it difficult to look up the information to help out the customer.
All of this changes with a live chat, since with this tool your agents can have ready-to-use templates with answers for the most frequent problems, it will be easier to look for the answer in the knowledge base and even attend to several customers at the same time.

Boost your sales

As we were saying, the way we communicate has changed and customers want an easy and fast way to communicate with companies.

New generations expect their favorite companies to be on the channels they use every day and want to engage with them on these channels. Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are used every day to talk with friends and family, so they represent a unique opportunity for your company to communicate with your customers.

A study by META showed that:

  • 58% of customers feel more comfortable sending a message
    to a company than calling them over the phone
  • 59% of the people surveyed said that
    with messages they have faster answers
  • 66% of the people surveyed said that
    they prefer to buy from a company active in messaging channels
This way, by implementing a live chat, your customers will feel more connected to your company, will have a better experience, and more confidence, so it will be more likely they will make a purchase and that they will purchase again in the future.

Want to know more? Let´s talk via WhatsApp!

New feature: WOZTELL live chat inbox

As we told you at the beginning of this article we just launched our live chat feature. This means that now you will be able to have live chat conversations directly on the WOZTELL platform without having to pay additional licenses for conversation managers.
Let’s see some of the functionalities of our live chat inbox.

Unlimited agents, channels, and numbers

With our live chat, you will be able to have unlimited WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Webchat channels to manage all your conversations in one place. This way you won’t have to go from one place to the other answering messages from different channels.

Additionally, all your business agents will be able to access the tool without any restrictions and with no need for additional licenses.

On the other hand, if you work with WhatsApp as a messaging channel for your company communications you can have unlimited numbers associated with the live chat inbox. This means you can have a customer support number, a sales number, and for every department or team that needs one in your company.

Manage chatbots individually

Chatbots are very useful tools to take care of your customers and provide them a great service. You can have chatbots for marketing campaigns, answer FAQs, manage event registrations, etc.

However, the conversation can reach a point where your customer wants to talk to a human. With our live chat inbox, you can deactivate and activate a chatbot for a specific user with only the touch of a button.

Assing agents to channels and conversations

To better manage your conversations, you can assign agents to only access a specific channel (e.g. Instagram) so that your agents do not receive messages from channels they do not manage.

You can also add agents to a conversation or scale conversations to another department so the right person to solve the problem or question has access to the conversation.

Keep your chats organized

Order is essential in any company and when you deal with conversations it is important to keep them organized efficiently to give your customers a good experience.

By defect, our live chat inbox has a “spam” folder to put the conversations that don’t have any value, and a “done” folder for the conversations that are already solved.

You can also create folders according to your needs.

Search and filter

Another functionality of our live chat inbox is that you can search and filter channels to look for conversations.

Send WhatsApp message templates

WhatsApp message templates are pre-designs and pre-approved messages that you can use to start WhatsApp conversations when the 24-hour window is closed or to send massive messages to your contacts.

Also, you can use message templates during a conversation to save up time and avoid having to write the same message over and over.

Message templates can include multimedia elements, buttons, and variables that you can personalize for each customer.

From our live chat inbox, you can send WhatsApp message templates that you have created on the WOZTELL platform in only a few clicks.

Add notes to every contact

Your customers don’t want to repeat themselves every time they talk to an agent or they reach your company. To avoid this and give your customers a great experience, in addition, to saving your agents time, you can add notes to every contact.

This way, when a new agent takes the conversation will be up to date with the customer history with your company and provide a better service.


Live chat is one of the best tools of conversational channels to engage with customers on their favorite channels. With the WOZTELL platform, you can manage all your channels in one place, and with our new live chat inbox you can talk to them.
Start now and boost your sales with conversations
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