All the multimedia messages that you can use on WhatsApp Business Platform

Are you always looking for new ways to retain and better communicate with your customers? Improving customer services with WhatsApp media messages is the next thing you should do. Take a look.

Instant messaging via apps such as WhatsApp is quickly displacing SMS and emails in interpersonal communication.

This system offers transmission of text messages in real-time through the Internet or in a local area network. As we all know, besides text, you can send a range of other things such as emoticons, geographical locations, contacts, links, and, what interests us the most in this article, multimedia files (that include images, audio, documents and videos).

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is an enhancement of Short Messaging Service (SMS), and both users and companies use them.

An instant messaging service like WhatsApp Business Platform, where companies can use multimedia messages for marketing and customer support purposes, is arousing enormous interest. And thus, it results in an enhanced communication strategy.

Media messaging can offer new business opportunities and new forms of income. And we are going to tell you how to get it all in this article.

WhatsApp Business Platform makes the most of multimedia messages

As we mentioned, to enrich messages, businesses can use the WhatsApp Business Platform. You will be able to attach photos, videos, documents, and voice notes to provide more information, entertainment, and most importantly, increase customer engagement.

This is the only version that allows businesses to automate their conversations with multimedia messages combined with interactive templates.

There are four types of attachments on WhatsApp Business Platform that you can take advantage of.

Photos and videos

Both formats are beneficial during conversations.

For example, you can use them to identify a problem where the customer can send a photo or a screenshot. In response, the company can send a video tutorial that solves the problem in a matter of seconds.

So, by using templates, your company just needs a few clicks to have an image or video ready to use.

Its use is not limited to marketing, though. You can now use images and videos for educational purposes.

This is the case with an infographic or a product demo. We’re sure your content team is already working tirelessly to develop amazing pieces that make your product or services impossible to resist.

WhatsApp Business Platform is the channel that connects your users with the information they need the most when they have any kind of doubt or want to get more information. Thus, if a customer is undecided whether to buy or not, a timely video showing the potential of your product can be the push they need to proceed with the purchase.

whatsapp to education

Voice memos

Generally, all businesses aim to reduce the margin of error as much as possible.
One of the ways of doing it is by sending voice memos. We all use them in our day-to-day conversations when we want to convey information quickly and without the hassle of typing.

From the customer’s point of view, they can save the time and effort of typing their question or problem and go directly to sending audio that summarizes it and is easier to understand for the agent who has to handle their case.

In the case of a company, they can achieve a certain level of closeness when they respond with audio. It conveys the feeling that they are dealing with a person behind a screen and not just automated processes. It is also a great way to simplify complex notions and boil them down to a few minutes of a voice memo.

Furthermore, in the case of companies, it is an easy way of helping users with vision problems to make the information accessible to them.


When a video or image is not the solution, you can also send documents to provide detailed information. With your PDFs already prepared, you can use them for some of these purposes:


  • Sales receipts: as a business, you have to record all your sales, and this type of document serves as proof of the monetary exchange. Send it to your customer’s WhatsApp and make sure they receive it.

  • Shipping labels: any type of business that deals with shipping also deals with labels. It’s a way to show all the compiled information provided by your customer. Transparency is key, and a WhatsApp conversation helps you achieve it.
  • Utility bills: in case you need to send a utility bill for electricity, natural gas, water, or waste, WhatsApp is the channel already used by companies all over the world – it’s a way to save paper and makes it easier for consumers to have them at hand always!

  • Account statements: send the summary of your customers’ monthly activity directly to their WhatsApp. It has the same advantages as the previous cases, and you will ensure that important information is not lost in the mail.

  • User agreements: also known as a privacy policy or terms and conditions, you can have your detailed PDF ready to send whenever a user requests it and before you start collecting personal data.

  • Lead magnets: and speaking of collecting personal data, a lead magnet is a fantastic strategy to get more information from your users and send them valuable content. You can do this in a live conversation, a template, or even through a WhatsApp Business Platform automation (we have a template ready for you to use for this purpose).

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The different types of WhatsApp Business Platform Buttons to use with multimedia messages

Multimedia messages can be even more practical, clear, and entertaining if configured with buttons. The pro tip to make better use of multimedia messages is to configure them together.

WhatsApp Business Platform allows businesses to create pre-approved messages templates with both buttons and multimedia. Not only can you make your conversations richer, but also facilitate them by guiding users with buttons.

Types of interactive buttons

There are two types of buttons that you can use in your templates. We have a deeper dive into this article, but to quickly sum it up:

Call-to-action: this type of button is ideal to send users to an external site. You can add a call to number or visit website.

A great way to use them is to send an image of a product with a link to the product page, so the user directly proceeds with the checkout. Or maybe, providing additional customer support when a video tutorial or PDF is not enough, so you give them the option of calling one of your agents.

Quick-reply: With up to three buttons per template, you can provide quick responses to your customers. And because we’re talking about WhatsApp Business Platform, you can automate the whole conversation flow.

We have used this type of response for Frequently Asked Questions automation. You can configure the answers that your agents usually do manually with a platform like WOZTELL to attend to users 24/7. To enrich the experience further, you can send images and other multimedia messages that help to provide the information.

Automate your multimedia messages with WOZTELL 

So, this is our guide to all the media messages you can use on WhatsApp Business Platform. Now that you know more about how to take advantage of its benefits, you have a better idea of what you can do.

In case you are interested in creating automations to respond to users whenever and wherever we have a variety of ready-to-use templates on Templates Gallery. Take a look here.

And lastly, if you’re a fan of other formats such as a video tutorial, we have a complete one that explains how to use multimedia messages on our platform.

Take it from us

With WhatsApp Business Platform, WOZTELL, and multimedia messages, you’ve taken the first steps to boost your generation strategies.

We invite you to try all your new knowledge for yourself by signing up to our platform (and for free, of course!)

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