Hello! This is a WhatsApp Business greeting message example

First impressions matter, this is reflected in all areas of life, and companies are not exempt from this. In order to further automate your company’s processes, we share with you an example of a WhatsApp Business greeting message.

If you have used WhatsApp Business Platform, you know that the customer is the one who must take the first step to contact you. This is mainly because WhatsApp wants to provide a safe zone for customers. In short, the idea is to maintain quality by preventing users from being spammed with irrelevant messages.

Luckily, there is an alternative with which you could be the first to communicate with your customers: WhatsApp Business greetings message. Read on to find out what it’s all about.

Does WhatsApp allow to set a greeting text?

As mentioned, the rule is that the customer initiates the communication and approaches your company for support.

And your company can respond within a 24h window or reopen the conversation with a template message. And this last type of message is the one that can be configured as an example of a WhatsApp Business greeting.

In today’s world of omnichannel communication, companies need to interact more and more with their customers and develop long-term relationships. In this way, you can increase the availability of your customer service.


How do WhatsApp Business greeting messages work?

When you set up an autoresponder as a greeting, an instant message is sent, you welcome and introduce your brand to a new potential customer with no waiting time.

A good WhatsApp Business greeting message example should have…

Honesty and accessibility

Responding with transparency and clarity is always the best option for a first WhatsApp welcome message. This way, you will provide excellent information to the customer making sure that an agent can take the request and solve their problems.

Remember that no one likes to wait too long or receive incorrect information.

In addition, you should always respond naturally so that the customer feels the warmth of the conversation. The best experiences always come from people with whom we feel a certain affinity. Therefore, your message should inspire confidence in the person who contacts you.

Simple language

Try to avoid using a monotone and sounding too formal, unless that is the brand image adopted by your business.

It expresses genuine concern in a warm and welcoming tone, while maintaining a sense of professionalism.


With the WhatsApp API you can create more than one example of a WhatsApp Business greeting message. To make it closer, simply add the emoticons you want.

Looking for a WhatsApp Business greeting message example? We have it

A key feature of what would be a sample WhatsApp greeting message is that they can be automated. Businesses can customize greetings for everyday situations or specific uses, and they are usually to welcome.

General welcome message 👋

This is a great opportunity to impress customers who have contacted your company for the first time. Here are two sample messages of how you could welcome new customers.
Hello! Welcome to _____ company name ____, we are pleased to meet you. We have received your message and someone from our team will contact you soon.
Hello, welcome to our online catalog! 👋 We’re glad you’re here, how can we help you?

Want to know more? Let´s talk via WhatsApp!

 Customer service 👩‍🔧

This WhatsApp Business greeting message example is the most universal, as it covers customers’ frequently asked questions and builds trust. Offer help with one of these examples:
Welcome to _____ company name ____. If you need help, reply to this message, we are online, ready to help!
Hi! I’m the purchasing consultant for _____ company name ____ and I’m here to help you. Ask me anything!

Pro tip: you can even integrate an FAQ chatbot to speed up the process.

Holiday greetings 🎅

If a customer has contacted you during the holidays when you are operating at limited capacity, send them a sample WhatsApp Business greeting message as they might be:
Hello! _____ name of the company ____ wishes you happy holidays. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate your request during these dates. Please send us a message again during our regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Hello, Merry Christmas! 👋 Thank you for contacting us. Right now our agents are busy, but we will get back to you soon. Thank you for your patience.

Lead acquisition 🧑👩

If you are already planning to greet customers with a WhatsApp greeting message, you can make use of this opportunity to capture leads. Turn leads into contacts by requesting their contact details and adding them to your customer list. Check out these examples:
Hi 👋 You’ve reached _____ company name ____. Before we get started, could you please provide us with your full name and email address?
Thank you for contacting us! We’d love to get to know you better, so if you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions….

Pro tip: similarly, it is also possible to add a chatbot automation to be in charge of collecting all the data.

Request feedback 👍

One of the best ways to engage and activate users is to ask them direct questions.

When your customers realize they can connect with you directly, it opens up new opportunities. It becomes a conversation and helps build a relationship. You can take inspiration from the following WhatsApp Business greeting message example:

Hello, and thank you for hiring our services. We would love to hear from you, may we ask you any questions?

What is the best example of WhatsApp Business greeting message?

First of all, remember that the best greeting message on WhatsApp is always the one that responds directly to the customer’s need. Depending on the situation, your message will be different. Therefore, it is important to have a series of templates prepared for each occasion.

We have already mentioned many of the best messages, but you can continue to complement your texts with the following examples:

Value proposition 🚀

The ultimate goal of all greeting messages is to convince your customers to make the best choice. Here, an example of a WhatsApp Business greeting message:
You joined thousands of __profession____who are already skyrocketing their sales with _____ company name _____ There’s just one more small step you need to take to achieve all these amazing things: ____CTA_____.

Updates 👍

A WhatsApp greeting message containing business updates proactively informs customers about unusual events or developments. An example of a WhatsApp Business greeting message for this case:
Thank you for contacting us, and because of that, we have the great news that ___product__ is back in stock and at a discount. Are you going to miss it?

To sum up

And that’s our list of the best WhatsApp Business greeting messages!

Don’t forget that you can always mix and match the different types of greeting messages to create the one that best suits your business needs. If you want a hassle-free experience for transmitting WhatsApp messages, talk with our WOZTELL team to give your business an extra boost in the business messaging sector.

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