Maximizing the performance of Click to WhatsApp ads

Maximizing the performance of WhatsApp Ads

Choosing between Click to WhatsApp and Click to Website Ads:

Introduced by Meta in 2023, “Click to WhatsApp Ads” revolutionize direct customer engagement by allowing immediate communication via WhatsApp with just a click. This ad format bypasses traditional landing pages and forms, offering a streamlined and personalized communication channel.

Since acquiring WhatsApp in 2014, Meta has enhanced its features to connect businesses with customers better. Innovations such as adding direct WhatsApp buttons on Facebook pages and integrating ads that lead directly to WhatsApp chats have transformed how companies engage with new audiences.

Understanding Click to WhatsApp Ads

Click to WhatsApp Ads, a novel ad format launched in 2023, enables businesses to connect directly with potential customers through WhatsApp.

After a potential customer sees your ads, they can WhatsApp you directly by clicking these ads. Users are instantly redirected to a WhatsApp chat with the business, allowing immediate and personal conversation. This simplifies interaction and enhances the customer experience by facilitating a one-on-one dialogue.

Real customer interactions enabled by Click to WhatsApp Ads:

Click to WhatsApp Ads offer direct customer engagement and immediate response. Unlike traditional ad formats that redirect users to landing pages or require filling out forms, Click to WhatsApp Ads lets customers start a conversation instantly, fostering a higher level of engagement. It can also ensure that you are talking to a real potential customer instead of having the risk of receiving the wrong contact information of the customer when they fill out the lead ad form.

Moreover, interactions through WhatsApp allow businesses to collect phone numbers and other relevant data (with customer consent). Once the customer starts the conversation with you, you can have your customer’s WhatsApp number, which you can use for future advertising and retargeting strategies.

Enhancing performance with the Conversion API:

The Conversions API creates a direct and reliable link between your marketing data (from servers, websites, platforms, apps, or CRMs) and Meta.

By integrating the Conversion API into WhatsApp conversations via providers like Sanuker, businesses can confidently track which customers are more likely to convert (e.g., purchase). This real-time tracking of conversions within conversations significantly boosts ad performance and conversion rates.

Sanuker Conversion API

Conversion API, sharing data across website, app, shops, business messaging platforms – WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

Installing the Conversion API with Sanuker:

You gain valuable insights into customer interactions by integrating the Conversion API into your WhatsApp conversations through a business solution provider like Sanuker.

This data helps predict future conversions, enhancing ad personalization, optimization, and measurement across Meta platforms, ensuring your ads reach the most relevant audiences.

Understanding the differences: Click to WhatsApp Ads vs. Click to Website Ads:

WhatsApp Link Ads boost your digital presence and enhance the customer experience by offering quick and personalized communication. Ready to elevate your marketing strategy? Start integrating these ads and watch your conversions and customer satisfaction soar!

Ad Goals: CTWA aims to maximize the number of message conversations initiated, reflecting direct customer engagement. In contrast, click-to-website ads measure link clicks, which may indicate interest but not necessarily engagement or purchasing intent.

Conversational Commerce: CTWA supports direct interactions, allowing businesses to tailor responses and build closer relationships through personalized dialogue. This contrasts with the more transactional nature of click-to-website ads, where interactions could be more personalized.

Continuous Engagement: CTWA facilitates ongoing communication on WhatsApp, enabling sustained interaction beyond the initial contact. This ongoing engagement is a significant advantage over website links, which may only capture transient interest. Integrating chatbots allows for efficient handling of many interactions, providing automated responses to frequently asked questions and redirecting complex queries to human agents.


Click-to-WhatsApp Ads represent a strategic imperative for businesses aiming to enhance customer engagement and drive conversions in a privacy-compliant manner. By leveraging WhatsApp’s ubiquitous presence, these ads enable direct and meaningful conversations with potential customers, turning each interaction into a potential conversion opportunity. As the digital marketing landscape evolves, adopting Click-to-WhatsApp ads is not just an option—it’s a necessity for staying competitive.
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