The omnichannel conversational platform for Zoho users

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WOZTELL helps your team manage and automate WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and webchat conversations starting FREE in a centralized way through your Zoho suite

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Create a WOZTELL FREE account and integrate it with your Zoho CRM and Cliq in minutes

Manage conversations at scale with WOZTELL and Zoho getting better results while reducing costs and improving customer experience

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Manage directly on Zoho Cliq the channels where your customers want to contact you, referring conversations to your marketing, sales or customer service teams as needed and adding the information on Zoho CRM.

Send Broadcast Messages on channels as effective as WhatsApp or Instagram and use chatbots to automate repetitive tasks offering a better service to your customers.

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How to install WOZTELL and Zoho

Follow these steps


Create your FREE WOZTELL account.
Do it now


Configure your WOZTELL account and entry channels
Check tutorial


Install and configure your Zoho Cliq extension.
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Install and configure your Zoho CRM extension.
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And that’s it! You are ready to skyrocket your business with conversations.

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Use WOZTELL and ZOHO Cliq collaboratively.

Manage your business communications through WOZTELL using your ZOHO Cliq.

You will be able to receive and send text and multimedia messages on channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or your website.

Add multiple team members to the same conversation and assign tasks easily and quickly.

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WOZTELL and ZOHO CRM, the perfect pair to improve your sales results.

Improve your business communications through WOZTELL in a simple and unified way, all within your Zoho CRM.

With the WOZTELL extension for Zoho CRM, your team is able to:

Create new contacts or leads automatically.

Start a WhatsApp conversation directly on CRM.

Check Opt-out WhatsApp customers.

Set welcome message in every channel.

Send WhatsApp templates.

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100+ enterprises and 1,000+ small businesses trust WOZTELL

Customers Success Stories

Featured by

Lexus success stories

Lexus HK


50% doubled the caption of leads with FB Messenger than with current method.

Centaline success stories

Centaline Property

Real State

+57% of new leads using WhatsApp

Chec Me success stories

Chic Me


20% lift in conversation rate across all Messenger entry points

Don’t have a WOZTELL account yet? Create a new FREE account in minutes and integrate it with ZOHO CRM and ZOHO Cliq to unleash the power of conversations in your company.