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Your students are on WhatsApp, what about you?

Turn your conversations into students with WhatsApp Cloud API

WhatsApp Business Solution Provider
Turn your conversations into students with WhatsApp Cloud API

+1000 companies and +100 educational centers already trust WOZTELL to work with WhatsApp Cloud API

No matter the size of your school

In WOZTELL you will find the solution to increase your sales while reducing costs and improving student experiences

WhatsApp for education

Connect with your current and potential students with WhatsApp notifications and make sure they read your messages

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Get more students with WhatsApp

Make your sales and enrollment processes simpler, faster and more effective through WhatsApp

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The best experience for your students

Differentiate yourself from the competition by offering automated and personalized customer service through WhatsApp.

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IMF Business School Support chatbotIMF Business School Support chatbot

Learn about IMF’s success

IMF is a professional business school, a leader in higher education.

Their goal: to improve communication with their students by ensuring they quickly got the information they were looking for while downloading the support channel.

The solution: add WhatsApp as a student support channel, create a chatbot that would answer frequently asked questions with escalation to a support agent if needed. All integrated with their management system.

The result: more than 70% of their students’ questions answered instantly, improving their experience and reducing the workload of the student support team.

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How do you start?

Getting started with WOZTELL is easy:

Getting started with WOZTELL is easy:
Create a free account
Request a meeting with our team of experts: they will help you choose the best way to use WhatsApp in your school.
Select how you want to get started and we’ll help you get it going.
Start communicating with your students via WhatsApp!


Frequently asked questions


WOZTELL tiene disponibles licencias para todo tipo de centros educativos que quieran comenzar a utilizar WhatsApp Cloud API.

Puedes comenzar con una cuenta gratuita, en WOZTELL te incluimos hasta 100 alumnos y 1000 conversaciones mensuales en nuestro plan gratuito.

Si tienes más volumen, tenemos planes que se adaptan al tamaño de tu centro. Consulta nuestro equipo para ver cuál se adapta mejor a tus necesidades.

A partir de 1000 conversaciones, WhatsApp cobra una pequeña cantidad por cada conversación.

1.- How much does WOZTELL cost?
WOZTELL has licenses available for all types of educational centers that want to start using WhatsApp Cloud API.

You can start with a free account, at WOZTELL we include up to 100 students and 1000 monthly conversations in our free plan.

If you have more volume, we have plans that fit the size of your school. Contact our team to see which one best suits your needs.

From 1000 conversations, WhatsApp charges a small fee for each conversation.

2.- What is a conversation?
A conversation is the way WhatsApp measures the usage of WhatsApp Cloud API. Each conversation represents a 24h window where you can send unlimited messages at no cost.

You only pay when a student starts a conversation with you or when you do. Messages in the following 24h are included.

You have more information here

3.- What are the limitations of WOZTELL?
Our only limitation is the number of students you can talk to each month. Each license has an assigned number but, other than that, there are no limits. You can use:

-Unlimited agents
-Unlimited phone numbers or devices
-Unlimited chatbots
4.- What type of chatbots can I use?
The most frequent chatbots used in the education sector are those that answer students’ frequently asked questions, those that provide after-hours support, and those that take the prospective student’s data and provide them with the information they need about different courses and programs.
5.- Does it work well for academies or small schools?
It works like a charm. With a Starter plan, for example, you can chat with 400 potential students every month. It’s an ideal solution for academies or online training sites that are just starting out. How many of those 400 conversations do you need to convert to students for it to be profitable? 😉
6.- Is it difficult to use?
Like any new technology, it takes a little bit of getting used to. 

That’s why our team of experts will guide you step by step to ensure your success.

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