Kiosko – A Case Study on Digital Transformation

Are you as committed as the founders of Kiosko, champions of complete digital transformation? They improved their processes and boosted their sales by completely transferring their sales process on to WhatsApp. Now it’s time to learn from their journey.


Hi there my name is Taushik Mandal and I represent the sales team at Woztell.

In this video we´ll learn how of one our customers secured the future of their business with digital transformation and WhatsApp.

The owners of Kiosko, which is an online photo and album printing business, are committed to survive despite all odds. They carried out internal audits to improve their processes and boost their sales. Results showed their team of 5 agents were spending most of their shift time in just downloading and sending out photos for printing.

Wedding album printing jobs usually have an average of 100 photos to print and this means with just 4 customer requests, each agent was downloading 400 images at any given time. This is time-consuming, requires unwanted manual effort and is repetitive. And during peak hours, the agents are unable to give equal attention to all requests and this was the result of unhappy customers and fallen sales.

So a makeover was needed urgently, and a chatbot was the only solution.

This humble servant of Kiosko, makes all sales possible via WhatsApp now and as it is a machine, it can handle a number of requests. Purchase time for customers has gone down by 80% and this means sales have also gone up by 8 times. And the best outcome for business is, as chatbots are not limited by languages and Kiosko can now expand their operations to multiple markets.

And if you are wondering about the human agents, lemme assure you they were not fired. They are now happy as they are involved in less manual work and are in advanced roles like upselling, cross selling, defining strategy for expansion and more.

You can’t deny, this an impressive outcome of a business undergoing complete digital transformation.

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