Join our Master Class to get thousands of customers with WhatsApp

Do you want to get thousands of customers with WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp Business Platform is the solution that you didn’t know you needed 👌 And we have a Master Class where we will tell you how to reach the 2 billion users that WhatsApp has.

Next day 03/10 we will have this Master Class conducted by our CMO José Miguel Espinar and our Content Manager Adelaida Mahiques.

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We will see:

  • What is WhatsApp Business Platform and why your clients want it to communicate with you
  • How to benefit from the WhatsApp opportunities to get thousands of clients
  • Differences between WhatsApp versions
  • Types of messages and functionalities of WhatsApp Business Platform 
  • The first steps to start working with a WhatsApp Business Platform number.

As an extra, we are going to have a Workshop where you will get your WhatsApp Business Platform number for FREE with WOZTELL.

  • Create your FREE WOZTELL account
  • Get the WhatsApp Business Platform number
  • Prepare the WhatsApp number and account to start using them.

We will have the Master Class on Thursday 10/03 – 11:00am CET

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You won’t regret it