Some people wonder if integrating official WhatsApp Business is expensive. Or they are looking for unofficial solutions to access cheaper options. Just remember, cheap in most cases will cost you a lot. First of all, we do not recommend you to get an unofficial WhatsApp service at all. Secondly, we recommend you to invest in an official option like WOZTELL. Why? Because it is an investment that will be pay off in the short term. Moreover, it will provide you safety to do things properly.

You must take into account that it may cost you less to buy an unofficial version of WhatsApp Business. However in the medium term, it can be very expensive. You would be taking the risk that your business will be prevented from using the WhatsApp API forever.

With WhatsApp Business, you have a great tool for communication and management of leads and customers. You can efficiently channel all communications quickly, and simply. All with a simple phone number and without dependence on any vendor.

So what you need to know is that you have to respect the rules and policies of WhatsApp-Business. If you read its policies use, it tells you clearly that implementing an integration that is not official could penalize you severely.
This means that they can limit or directly interrupt your access to the application or even ban your business from using it again forever.

After that, you should be clear that for cost savings you can not put your business at risk in this way. Being banned by WhatsApp Business can bring you serious issues

So, when asked if integrating official WhatsApp Business is expensive, I would answer that it is not. Take it as a safe investment for your company to grow, generate more sales and be more efficient.

Another aspect to consider when choosing a Whatsapp Business integration service is to comply with anti-spam regulations. An official integration gives you the security and confidence that you will be complying with everything. They will never be able to accuse you of spam because WOZTELL for example, has all its machinery thought out to manage leads and clients in the right way.

If you browse the web looking for WhatsApp-Business integration services you will see tempting offers. Imagine companies that offer you the ability to send millions of messages and supposedly get hundreds of thousands of customers at low cost. Well, these kinds of services need to be avoided.

  • Firstly, you’re putting your business at risk by exposing it to spam.
  • Secondly, because you will surely be sanctioned by WhatsApp for not complying with their rules.
  • Thirdly, this type of unofficial provider is not reliable. In addition, you have no assurance that their service will be sustained over the time.

For this kind of important service, you have to rely on official providers like WOZTELL, certified and with proven experience over time. Don’t put your company’s or brand’s reputation at risk just to save some money

On the other hand, it is very important to take into account that not only you have to respect the rules of Whatsapp-Business, but also make legal rules to be respected. If you are in Europe you run serious legal risks if you spam and violate data protection and privacy rules. There are rules in the rest of the world as well. So you should also consider the legal aspect.

As far as security is concerned, you should consider that if you integrate Whatsapp-Business into your company with an unofficial company you will get higher risks into your company. Imagine putting all your company and customer data on a server that you don’t know who handles it or how secure it is. Surely this is a risk you don’t want to take.

In a nutshell, is integrating official WhatsApp Business expensive? No, it is not. WhatsApp for Business is expensive to integrate with an unofficial vendor. It can be highly expensive. The advice to follow is to hire an official vendor to use the right tools and information. This will give you the right management and partners with the expertise to get on the road to success.

With WOZTELL you have a reliable and experienced Whatsapp-Business integration service provider. We have the best plan for your business. Because we can customize the integration in the best way for your company. All you have to do is contact us and as soon as possible a business consultant will be able to tell you all the benefits of using WOZTELL. Contact us now and receive all the information without obligation.

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