Press release published by the company AcSoftware.

ACSoftware announces the integration of WhatsApp Business with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus.

This launch, in partnership with Spanish developer WOZTELL, aids support teams and IT service users with built-in access to the features of the leading instant messaging application.

ACSoftware, a partner of ManageEngine in Brazil, has signed an agreement with Spanish developer WOZTELL with the purpose of integrating WhatsApp Business with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. An IT service management platform used by more than 100,000 organizations in 186 countries.

This is the first agreement of this kind between ManageEngine’s partners, so that they create a new communication environment between support teams and IT service users. With the new product, users will be able to receive calls initiated through WhatsApp messages, and as a communication tool during the service life cycle.

According to Dyogo Junqueira, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ACSoftware, this integration will change the way support teams and IT service users communicate. “All of the great features of ManageEngine will be leveraged with the capabilities of WhatsApp, making it easier to support users in the IT class. ACSoftware is the first global partner of ManageEngine to put forward this new feature. Reaffirming its position as an innovative partner of the Indian IT management software company,” he said.

Watch the full video on the integration between Manage Engine and WhatsApp Brazil here

WOZTELL specializes in promoting the integration of WhatsApp with popular business applications. These include CRM, HelpDesk and e-commerce applications. Through this partnership with ACSoftware, it has the opportunity to enter the Brazilian market through one of ManageEngine’s main partners in Latin America.

“We have followed the Brazilian market and the movement of ManageEngine in the region with the professional support of ACSoftware. With whom we have had a great relationship. With this joint launch, we will have the opportunity to learn more about the local market and develop new solutions to support our customers’ business”. Says Dariya Kanseitova, Channel and Distribution Manager of WOZTELL.

Thanks to WOZTELL, companies can have multiple functionalities and benefits such as those highlighted below:

  • First of all, by improving the efficiency of communications you will be able to increase sales considerably and measurable in the short and medium-term.
  • Moreover, all communications with customers, leads and between the different departments of the company will be improved and optimized.
  • Apart from that, it is possible to carry out data analysis that is systematically saved from the communications executed by WhatsApp-Business. Hence, actions will be improved. As well as marketing policies, sales, customer service, logistics, human resources, among others.
  • Fundamental improvement of organizational functioning.
  • The client receives quality service and the leads always receive a response in real-time. Customers are not lost and all leads are captured. By means of chatbots, responses are automated filtered by leads and thus agents already have the data to start operating with these leads and achieve sales.
  • Full control of communications and follow-up.
  • Possibility of making real-time explanations to the agents who are developing communications.

Finally, as you can see there are many possibilities offered by WOZTELL. And that is why the Brazilian company AC Software has chosen it to integrate it into its Manage Engine. If you want to follow the example of this company and get more information about WOZTELL, contact us now.

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