Integrating Facebook and WhatsApp Business ads enhances your marketing a great deal. Using WhatsApp to communicate with your customers is very convenient as many people have started using the integrated Facebook “click on WhatsApp” option. This allows them to integrate Facebook ads with Whatsapp as a call to action in their Facebook ads.

Let’s see what you do you need to know in order to get a business opportunity If you want to integrate WhatsApp Business into your ads. Hence, your users can make calls or send messages to your WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Business benefit for your company

WhatsApp’s messaging service already has over 1.3 billion active users worldwide. The messaging service is already used by many companies for different aspects with the purpose of running their businesses. It is the perfect asset for organising deliveries, managing customer relationships, and answering inquiries quickly and personally; or rather for recipients to give an immediate response.

Maintaining all this business’s management from your personal account can be complicated. That’s why WOZTELL was developed with the idea of integrating WhatsApp Business with your CRM, making it easier for businesses to do so.

Click on WhatsApp in the Facebook Ads

Now you can place a button on your Facebook ads that will lead users who click on it to your WhatsApp.

  • You have the option of entering plenty of useful information for users, such as physical address, company website, business hours, type of business, a personal logo, and a short description of the company. Use also these ways to automate, filter, and organize your messages.
  • In addition, you can also clearly place your company’s image. WhatsApp Business is definitely an amazing tool for small and medium businesses to spread the word about their promotions. It is also a great for large companies that are at the forefront of communications.

We want to make it clear that thanks to WOZTELL you will have the peace of mind to comply with all WhatsApp Business standards and be able to work with ease. You already have all these aspects covered.

Here you have some tips to use WhatsApp Business:

Create automatic answers to the most frequently asked questions.

It’s a good idea to set up all of these incoming messages. This way, you will have less trouble handling and organising all the messages. It is also important to set up quick messages with information that customers may be looking frequently so that with that small command they can access this information without having to be keep an eye on responding personally to these messages that may be repetitive.

Create labels to organize conversations.

  • WhatsApp’s Business Tag Management is a very useful tool for managing your customer conversation. Considering these tags you can filter and organize your conversations the way you want.
  • You can create tags to manage and keep track of your buying cycle in that you can classify your customers at different sale’s stages. For example, a new customer, a new order, a payment pending, a delivery pending, an order completed; or even the cycle stations you manage in your business. This helps business people to keep track on conversations and to be more agile in transactions.

Or you can also integrate your WhatsApp Business in your CRM with WOZTELL and manage everything at one place!

Promote one of your Facebook posts with the new WhatsApp option

  • Once your WhatsApp Business account is fully set up, it’s time to manage your Facebook ads. When you have selected one of your Facebook page posts to promote, you can click on the option to add a direct call to action button on WhatsApp. A button named “Send a WhatsApp Message” will pop up on the ad for users.
  • After selecting the ad you want to promote, select the WhatsApp option in the “Add a Button” space. Once you have done this, space will show up where you will need to enter your WhatsApp phone number.
  • Fill in the space and validate the number with the SMS that will be sent to your phone. Once the number has been validated, complete the other general parameters of your Facebook ad and you will be ready to manage your customers.

Manage your customers

Once you have finished integrating Facebook and WhatsApp Business ads, all that remains is to manage your customers. Anyone who clicks on your ad button will be able to send a message directly to your WhatsApp Business account and you can manage it from WOZTELL without having to leave your CRM.

When you have enough messages and information, you can verify the impact of your call to action on Facebook Ads from your own business software. With the help of these numbers, analyze what information users usually look for when working with this service. Based on this information, update your messages, information and other settings to provide the best experience for your customers.

Talk to us now about WOZTELL, take advantage of the integration of Facebook and WhatsApp Business ads in your own CRM.

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