WOZTELL wishes you all Happy New Year!

At WOZTELL (integrate WhatsApp into your business software), we are happy and want to greet all our customers and partners, wishing the best for the coming year. This first year has been huge, and we look forward to having great times in the new year ahead.

This fantastic tool called WOZTELL is in great demand and the feedback provided from our customers has been awesome. Above all, being able to integrate WhatsApp into your business software has been a huge step forward for our customers. Send, receive, and store WhatsApp messages using an e-Commerce, Help Desk, or your CRM, among others. Kick off the new year by moving your business forward with WOZTELL. Dozens of our customers are already enjoying the future in their businesses.

We are really motivated to end the year in this way and look forward to 2020 where our customers will continue to enjoy the benefits of WOZTELL. Of course, not before saying hello to everyone and wishing them a fantastic end-of-the-year and best wishes for 2020; may you have a prosperous New Year!

For those of you who aren’t yet our customers and are wondering why you should integrate WhatsApp into your CRM, your e-commerce store, or your customer service platform, we’ll give you some reasons here.

It’s good to know that over a billion people use WhatsApp every day. This already gives us an indication of what this communication tool means. So you can’t miss out the opportunity to contact your current and potential customers through this powerful medium of communication. You would be wasting a magnificent opportunity to grow as a business from every point of view. With WOZTELL you could already be sending from your CRM the new year’s greetings to all your customers.

Thanks to WOZTELL you will be able to integrate WhatsApp into your business software.

In other words, for example, you can answer all the incoming messages automatically. This is achieved through the technology that reads the contents of the messages and thus deliver automatic responses. You can use your usual line number of your business, which already saves you a lot of things.

Furthermore, you can save all your messages and WhatsApp history in this software. With the ability to choose segments from your contacts, you can create marketing campaigns with templates and/or do them manually. You can track everything in real-time and set up reports. This makes it possible to create new business tactics. Imagine the new year with these useful tools for your business.

WOZTELL is made for business because it integrates the most popular business software. This will allow you to improve and increase your business. There is no doubt about this point, since we are proving it during this successful year. WOZTELL customer’s increase their sales by improving customer service. The ability to control messaging allows you to see mistakes made and improve customer service. The same goes for customer communications and sales. By improving these communications, you can make them more effective in terms of conversion into sales.

By being capable of establishing roles and referring messages to the right employees according to their profile, you will achieve better results. This is because you optimize the time and organization of your business through optimal workflows.

Throughout this year, clients who use this supply have given their opinion about WOZTELL, as you can see in the opinions published on our website. We are confident that these impressions will multiply next year.

This tool let you do too many things. If you train your sales team to use WOZTELL you will see how all these organizational processes are improved.

With this software integrated in your business, you can automate the start of conversations with customers and leads.

Conversation study’s will allow you to plan better strategies and methods to sell more and better. You will have full control of your business and conversations, or even you’ll be able to search for specific ones by topic or word search. This will improve your entire marketing, sales and customer service strategy. Your strategy will be more comprehensive and let you move forward with confident steps. This new year, you can start improving your marketing campaigns with WOZTELL.

In addition, thanks to WOZTELL, you can create specially targeted campaigns and schedule them in your media and social networks and in the purchasing process, among others. You will give more power to your sales processes by creating alternatives and possibilities for more and better cross-selling and up-selling. You have the possibility to combine different phone numbers and many other advantages.

Finally, we would also like to dedicate a special New Year’s greeting to our partners who sell WOZTELL and are also very delighted to have such a valuable product to sell. We invite you to know our special offers by contacting us right now and learn more about this fantastic tool. You will see how your business can boost by 200% with this great tool. Once again, we say happy new year, and we are waiting for you at WOZTELL to continue growing your business.