From WOZTELL we would like to greet you this Christmas and on this special time of the year for all of us

The first year of this project has been accomplished, and we are so blessed about that. We are very enthusiastic about what is happening as more and more companies trust in us. Furthermore, we are encouraged by the support that we have been getting from our customers. If they are satisfied, we are extremely happy.

When we started this project we recognized the opportunities we could give to those who would exploit this incredible tool which is the integration of WhatsApp into different solutions. In a short time, the response has been remarkable from our customers. We are glad to see the success achieved at this stage of the year. With the constant improvement that this type of business demands, we can’t help but be grateful and wish everyone the best for the near future.

When we developed this tool that integrates WhatsApp in any CRM, e-commerce, help desk, among others, we knew that everything would be achievable.

Everything action taken has been because of our customer’s trust on this tool. The feedback from our have been amazing. It is heart-warming how WOZTELL has been a success and how companies improve their management and productivity.

Since it can be easily and quickly integrated into almost any business software, WOZTELL is in such a great demand. It is a great opportunity for all types of businesses. During this Christmas, all businesses that work with WOZTELL are much more relaxed because it is a tool that makes everything easy. Managing communications from one place is a spectacular thing for a business.

Forget about the hassles during the Christmas and holidays. Now these days are for enjoying with your loved ones as all communication with your customers has been optimized.

  • This is because with WOZTELL you can send and receive WhatsApp messages from any sort of device.
  • It is possible to reply to incoming messages automatically. This is certainly useful for holidays like, for example, Christmas. You can’t let your business loose contacts and sales. Now, no matter what day of the year you are, no one will be left out without a response from your business. From the content of the communications WOZTELL allows you to create automatic messages.
  • You also have the advantage of being able to use your existing WhatsApp company number with this tool. There is no need to purchase new numbers and import contacts with all the hassles that come with them.
  • You will be able to store and monitor all your communications in your business software.
  • You can also create new marketing campaigns, and we can help you to do that this Christmas. Remember that you can segment your contacts and send each campaign to a certain segment.
  • The program authorize you to create message templates for your communications. Indeed, you can also do something as important as generate reports of each campaign and communications to polish sales strategies, and improve customer service from your CRM.

If you are a customer you already know these possibilities, but if you are not, then you cannot be left out.

Many businesses are already differentiating themselves from the competition by using WOZTELL. The results are immediate in terms of simplifying everything and improving sales. Integrate WhatsApp to your ZOHO, your help desk, your SalesForce, HubSpot, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Microsoft Dynamics, Birtix24 and improve your company’s productivity. Managing your customers’ experience will bring you better results in increasing your sales. There’s no doubt about that. This is the best Christmas gift you can give to yourself and your business.

You can send and receive messages, files and redirect them according to the roles of your team. The same as being able to share workflows, among other possibilities.

With this tool, you can read what your salespeople and customers are talking about. You can train your sales team to use WhatsApp to sell more. Automate initial conversations and plan to improve responses. All this and more is what you can do with WOZTELL.

Just to finish up, we wish you all the best this Christmas and hope you enjoy WOZTELL. It’s the aim of this kind of tools too. That you can have a 100% controlled business without ever stopping production, and in an intelligent way.

Do you want to communicate with your customers in their favorite channel and boost your results?

With Woztell you can automate tasks, work with multiple agents and phone numbers and measure your marketing, sales, operations and customer service efforts in their favourite channel: WhatsApp.