In this post, we will see how it is possible to achieve an improvement in communication in hotel management. Communication between employees, customers and managers is very important in every kind of business organization. But in this sector, the hospitality industry, is of great importance. It is known that this sector is very dynamic. The working day is usually very busy with peaks in working hours where work is multiplied rapidly and suddenly.

Technological resources like WOZTELL help you to improve that communication in different ways. All WOZTELL functions can be applied to hotel managers or large restaurant franchises. With this software, you can have a modern management and effective communication because you can manage everything from CRM of its establishment.

Hotel and restaurant managers often have stressful roles as they must be able to handle multiple situations. In both hotels and restaurants, it is common to work long hours and with multiple employees. This generates a diverse and high volume of communication flow. This can lead to short circuits in communication resulting in customer service failures.

This is one of the main reasons to use this kind of business solution like WOZTELL.

With the simple use of a chat, you can improve an organization as big as a hotel or a restaurant chain. The fact that you are no longer shouting to communicate with each other is already a big step forward. From this type of communication, you can already organize the establishment in a different way. This benefit can be applied to different scenarios in which the activity of the hotel company is developed.

The manager will be able to control the status of customers and employees. He or she can send text messages and monitor whether customers’ questions have been answered correctly and vice versa. It is possible to monitor all conversations between customers and employees. In this way, you can check the quality of the service and observe how the interactions are. The manager cannot always be present in all situations to be able to control what happens. This tool allows you to be everywhere without being physically present.

It is a way to control what happens but it is also support for all areas of customer service. On the other hand, the data that is stored in WOZTELL of the communications can improve the strategies of customer service. It is also possible to think about new marketing and sales strategies from the data we study. The same applies to organizational communication strategies, employee communications, and logistics.

Different types of scenarios in which WOZTELL can help you improve communication in hospitality management.

  • Notification of change of hotel room from one client to another.
  • Automatic surveys sent directly to WhatsApp.
  • Buffet hours and shifts.
  • Transportation information.
  • Accommodation information.
  • Live customer service.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Among several features that WOZTELL has, it is worth mentioning that messages can be automated. For example, you can inform customers about your services and products. Imagine what you save from phone communications in terms of time and human resources required. For example, a customer comes to your website and sends a question about the menu of the day, the opening time of the store, the check-in time of the hotel, etc..

Through WOZTELL you can configure a series of automated messages that answer frequently asked questions.

This way the call center agent or reception staff will have less work and can concentrate their efforts on more important things. As we said before, with this tool you will obtain very valuable data. From the communications that are developed, you will have data to analyze and thus improve all aspects of your business. Marketing and sales departments will have excellent data to use. The same for other sectors such as human resources, logistics, etc.

Not to mention the improvements you can implement for table and room reservations. All automated and saving costs and time.

In short, WOZTELL is flexible, you just have to know how to use it. Once you manage to apply it to your company, you will be the one to tell us the many things you can do with it.
As in e-commerce, with the help of ZOHO CRM, you can manage all the users within your business. You don’t need to worry about anything, just ask us how it is possible and we will explain it to you. Contact us now and we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you about all that WOZTELL has to offer to improve communication in hospitality management.