Improve brand image and customer engagement with WhatsApp

WhatsApp has 2 billion active users who exchange close to 100 billion messages every day on the environment. Connecting with your customers on their preferred channel helps your improve your brand image and improve customer satisfaction rate because WhatsApp is an easy channel for creating a relationship with your customers.


Hi there my name is Taushik Mandal and I belong to the sales team at Woztell..

And… in this video I´ll reveal why WhatsApp can help you increase your sales and improve customer retention.

In November of 2009, WhatsApp was officially launched and since then it’s been gaining new customers day by day. Nowadays, there are 2 billion active users on the environment who exchange about 100 billion messages every day. WhatsApp statistics say that we are on this application 23 times a day with about 38 mins of screen time. However, you and I know that it’s much more than that as these are just law of averages catching up. WhatsApp is the most personal app on all our phones.

Despite the high traffic, it still has almost 100% open rate, and this is crucial when you set a goal for improvement whether in Sales, Customer Support, Operations or Marketing.

As WhatsApp is the channel preferred by leads and customers, E-Commerce businesses have seen 30% increase in Sales with Instant Messaging and by automating follow-up activities with template messages. With just 5 recoveries of abandoned carts per day, some businesses have not only improved revenues, they have also created a retention value on the customer’s WhatsApp.

When you as a business will respond instantly to a support message, it’s gonna be a huge a relief to the customer. This will improve customer satisfaction rate, which means repeat business for you. WhatsApp is an easy channel to solve customer issues.

broadcast messages follow the metrics of the environment and have almost 100% open rate. Engage your customers with surveys which otherwise get overlooked when sent over emails, send information about new product releases, event invitations and reminders, however WhatsApp will not allow promotional messages, as this can prompt your customers to mark you as spam.

Follow the best practices of the environment defined by WhatsApp, and you stand a chance to improve the image of your brand and make better connection with your customers.

To learn about all this and more, write to us on Whatsapp to book a demo session, using this link. The information and the changes you seek are just a WhatsApp message away.

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