The importance of storytelling for your business  and how to tell it with WhatsApp

The importance of storytelling dates back to the beginning of human history. It is a universal resource that is present in every culture around the world. Whether through oral or written tradition or a new audiovisual version, storytelling helps to create a sense of community.

It is a communication tool present in many areas, including business. That is why we are going to talk about the importance of storytelling in business and the benefits of creating one.

So, what it is and why is relevant? 

When we talk about the importance of storytelling, we must say that it is a basic element in any society to promote individual and collective communication of information.

The narrative format should have certain common characteristics that both the narrator and the receiver can identify. The more traditional format has characters who experience a situation during a specific time period.

Stories have a three-act structure: beginning, climax and end. In the case of business, the beginning might be how your company started; the climax, the problems you faced along the way; and the end, how you solved those problems.

The power of how a story is told is in the hands of the storyteller. It can positively or negatively influence the receivers of the story. Here’s the thing, understanding the importance of storytelling will help you become the writer of your own story and of your business’s story.

The importance of storytelling for building your brand 

When we talk about a brand, we also refer to the identity of a company or business. It is a cover letter addressed to an audience that does not know the details of your story. It is the perfect opportunity to show the values of your brand.

That’s why many companies use copywriters and editors to deliver all the details. The goal? To spark connections and feelings in people. So the ultimate goal is not just to tell a story, but to use that story to create feelings and make an impression.

The importance of storytelling is what makes the difference

Anyone can tell a story. However, the difference is in how you tell that story.

The what and the how a story is told have different purposes, but they are two essential and inseparable notions in storytelling. For example, you can cave a great storyline, but if you don’t tell it in the right way, you won’t be able to convey the sensations to the readers. The same can happen in the other way. If you have a simple idea and you tell it in a great way, you will hook many readers.

What would be ideal? To find the balance between them.

Build a narrative

Once you’ve decided to write your company’s story, you need to think about who you’re going to tell it to. Sometimes you will work with customer profiles or buyer personas, but you will never have a completely homogeneous audience.

Knowing the different types of customers will allow you to create stories that engage them all. That’s why your stories should have the right words, visual metaphors and a pace that fits the purpose.

Focus on your characters

Many business owners use storytelling to tell how their business started. They use stories to highlight the efforts they made at the beginning of their brands, emphasizing the business adversities that ended up as sources of learning.

These stories are audience favorites because the characters in the story become a source of inspiration and reference points for future personal projects.

Get to know your business 

Knowing your business needs gives you competitive advantages. It allows you to identify the objectives you want to achieve, what you can offer and how far you can go.

Organizations that include storytelling strategies in their activities bet and obtain satisfactory results in the long term.

Why is this strategy successful? Storytelling positively influences customers and differentiates the company from others.

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What is the importance of storytelling for marketing? 

Telling stories is a marketing strategy in business.

There are many reasons to create good story telling since it helps to:

  • Build and create a positive image of the brands.

  • Foment visibility.

  • Make the products, services portfolio, possibilities, and success stories known.

  • Highlight the business historical moments.

A properly linked and structured storytelling for marketing is perfect for business. This combination (marketing + storytelling) creates communities and preferences and influences purchasing decisions. Moreover, in the long run, it creates a good perception of the brand.

Craft your storytelling and tell it with WhatsApp 

As we have already seen, a good story can help you increase sales, connect with your customers and make them feel empathy (which can later lead to a purchase). Now let’s see how you can use storytelling with WhatsApp.

Stories have a beginning, a middle and an end, and so do your WhatsApp conversations. In this case, you are the protagonist who will solve your customer’s problems and needs.

It all starts when a user sends you a message. To build your story and your customer’s story, your first message should be creative, introduce your company and say what it does. Invite your customer to keep talking.

Here we get to the crux of the story, your customer tells you about a need they have or a problem with the product or service they purchased. Then, your next message must provide a solution.

It can be to accompany them in the purchase process, send recommendations, payment methods, after-sales follow-up, etc. or send them a tutorial to learn how to use the product, offer technical service or whatever they need.

And now, the grand finale: the hero of the story comes out triumphant and your customer is happy with the attention you provided. It’s time to end the story with a closing message, leaving the door open in case your customers have more questions.

Share your updates with broadcast messages

A good story is one that stays in our minds for a long time. An open ending is a good idea to achieve this, your client remains a character and you stay in their head. However, it doesn’t hurt to send them reminders so they don’t forget about you.

With broadcast messages you can make sure your customers don’t miss anything, send them offers, coupons, updates on their order and more. This way, your customer stays engaged in your story and doesn’t miss out on new developments.

Be reachable with a live chat 

A good story also has dialogue. Your customers have questions and want immediate answers.

With a live chat you can bring your story to life and connect your customers with the agent they need to solve their questions. This not only benefits your customers but also helps your customer service agents not to get exhausted answering basic queries and repetitive questions.

A chatbot can be your best representative

Speaking of basic queries and repetitive questions… A chatbot can be your best ally.

Every hero or heroine has an ally and yours is a chatbot that is there every time your customers need it. With a chatbot your customers can solve their doubts 24/7, it can help you increase the sales ticket, serve your customers on their favorite channels and the best thing is that you don’t need to know how to program!

To sum up 

We want to emphasize that storytelling is an important resource for your business. It allows you to convey positive ideas from inside your company to your customers. In this way, you can share success stories, awards, achievements, social responsibility, stories and overcoming difficult moments.

This can make your business a role model and a reference in your sector.

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