Let’s take a look at a non-minor issue…

Knowing the status of sent messages is imperative for our business. A message in a communication process might be about a current customer or a potential customer. The client is the one who supports our business, so we must attend to him adequately. When we have communication processes with customers for logistics, customer service or marketing, we must have apparent communications.

If you do not know the status of sent messages, you may be making a serious mistake. By cause of the technology, we have tools that help us optimize communications. This is the case of WOZTELL, which allows you to know not only the status of the messages sent, but much more. By having WhatsApp integrated into your CRM, you are gaining a fundamental asset for your business. This allows you to monitor all the messaging established between your company and your customers or leads.

By knowing the status of the messages, we can observe, for example, if the message sent in promotion has caused impact or not. If it has not even been read or opened, then the subject headings should be improved. If the link has not been clicked on, then we will have to improve the calls to action. This way, we can improve a great deal our communication and marketing strategy. Or, just know if the message has reached the recipient. In the event of not arriving to you, you may not have WhatsApp, or we have the wrong data.

Imagine that your company works without any CRM or integration with WhatsApp

You’ll receive communications by email, or by a message on Facebook or perhaps by WhatsApp. Your employees need to see each of these channels separately and respond to each one. It is very likely that a few messages will slip through without being answered. Well, that’s what you need to avoid if you don’t want to lose customers.

By having everything centralized in a CRM like WOZTELL, you can have all the messages under control. Besides this, you will be able to study and analyse this communication so that you can improve it. From the data you get from these communications, you will be able to diagram new strategies and techniques for customer service and marketing. Not only will you know if the message has been sent, but you will know much more than that.

You will have access to know how the communication was, what kind of demands are repeated, which marketing and sales strategies were successful, etc. Second, your business will be more efficient since you will be able to better distribute the messages received according to the roles established in your company. By being able to automate messages, you will be able to respond faster and more efficiently.

Communication is almost everything for the success of a company. No one wants to arrive at a place and not be served. People need to feel heard, seen and treated as someone special and different from the rest. They don’t want to feel like just another number who is always answered the same way.

With WOZTELL you are covered because you can send, receive and store messages using your CRM, your HelpDesk, eCommerce and many more.

If we watch carefully this tool in details, we’ll have the possibility of having an application like WhatsApp that has more than 1300 million users. We could really lose messages from our customers or potential customers if we didn’t have tools like WOZTELL.

But we are not just talking about being able to answer messages or know if they have been sent. Here we have developed a software that integrates and allows you endless possibilities. From training your sales team to establish communications based on WhatsApp in order to sell more to automating messages. You even have the ability to search for messages using keywords within the software. In other words, it’s impossible to miss a message.

Once you install WOZTELL in your business, you will see how everything becomes easier and the results will be beneficial to your business

For example, among the features of WOZTELL you have the following:

  • Knowing what your salespeople and customers are talking about.
  • Train your sales team to build relationships based on WhatsApp.
  • Automate the initiation of customer conversations and plan better responses.
  • Manage your WhatsApp profile along with your team.
  • Read all WhatsApp messages from each customer profile.
  • Find messages and conversations through keywords.
  • Know 100% of the details discussed during a sales process.
  • Identify if a message has been read or not and, consequently, the reason why the client ignores it.

We think that that’s the importance of knowing the status of sent messages. As you can see, with just these aspects you already have a great benefit. We recommend you to modernize your company if you want to be at the forefront with WOZTELL. You will see how in a short time by improving communication with your customers your business will grow. It’s a great advantage over your competition, don’t doubt it. Ask today for more information with a consultant to learn more about this fantastic tool.

Do you want to communicate with your customers in their favorite channel and boost your results?

With Woztell you can automate tasks, work with multiple agents and phone numbers and measure your marketing, sales, operations and customer service efforts in their favourite channel: WhatsApp.