Let’s see how WhatsApp can reinvent your operations. With the help of WOZTELL you will be able to reinvent your company’s operations. This is not a jeu de mots.

WhatsApp and Zoho all-together are the most powerful tool that will improve your company productivity. We all know how important WhatsApp and having a CRM like Zoho is to operating our business in this modern world. That’s how the integration of Zoho and WhatsApp was born.

Once you incorporate this powerful tool for communication with your customers, your leads and contacts, you will be able to see how WhatsApp can reinvent your operations. It doesn’t mean that you have to throw everything away and start it all over again. On the contrary, with your belongings, you can have something much better from every point of view.

That’s because the features you have with WOZTELL makes you sure to have everything unified in one place. All the communications can be done from the CRM. You will manage marketing strategies using WhatsApp as well as other important operations of your company from Zoho through WOZTELL.

But not only you’ll include WhatsApp into Zoho,  but also there is a tool with multiple functions that will upgrade your company. Your employees will thank you, but much more importantly your company will be the main beneficiary.

Some important features of WOZTELL

  • Automation of all messages and responses according to the contents handled in these communications. Imagine how much this’ll save you, just like in terms of time and money.
  • Your customers will have access to necessary information without having to wait in queue. The same thing happens with your leads or potential customers. Smart automated messages allows you to perform this.
  • Having everything unified in one place saves you time and resources. The integration of these tools makes it easier to complete your marketing strategies or even customer service, etc.
  • Now, all your operations will be more effective and intelligent. Here’s the real reinvention of your operations.

That said, we are talking about no more or less of WhatsApp, a communication system with more than 1.3 billion users. You don’t have to be an expert to realize the potential that WhatsApp brings to those of us who do business online. Those who envision this potential are one step away from turning their businesses into companies of the future.

With WOZTELL you can have several features that help you manage WhatsApp professionally. For instance, what we already said about automation, but you also have the possibility to see all the communications developed in one single window. So, you can have everything at bay.

For example, are the guidelines given in communications with customers and contacts, being carried out, and what is receiving the best response from the customer? You can see which are the most frequent doubts and suggestions, etc… All this data helps you to improve your business.

More reasons to know how Whatsapp can reinvent your operations

  • In addition, you can anticipate to everything that has been shared, such as files, and not even talk about being able to improve marketing campaigns. If you have a digital marketing strategy in place, using WhatsApp is like water in the wilderness.
  • You can select contacts for detailed marketing campaigns and develop specific messages for them using workflows. All of this is properly scheduled. This means that you have full control, ensuring that you follow your plan to the letter.
  • This is very important because when you draw up a strategy or a plan you must have a project to carry it out and to be able to fulfil it, intentions are not enough. You must have intelligent tools that support you to reduce the margins of error. The more modern your tools are, the more precise the decisions you take to reach your goals set out in the strategy will be. If there are mistakes, you will be able to identify them more easily, correct and improve them.
  • All the communications with your clients in one place let you do this and much more. You even have communication tools that do not depend on the internet. If you have customers who are offline at that moment, they can be notified by text message. So, you can tell them about anything and make sure your message gets through. For example, let them know about a payment due or any important notification.
  • You can also give options to those who do not want to have this communication channel, unsubscribe along with moderating communications by avoiding inappropriate messages.

In a nutshell, to that initial question how WhatsApp can reinvent your operations, we can answer that you can do so in a revolutionary way. Your business will change thoroughly for the best. It will be more modern, more profitable, and more productive. Contact us to get this fantastic tool today. We have a special offer for you.

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