WhatsApp Business in the healthcare field

Let’s see how useful WhatsApp Business in the health field is. As you know, WhatsApp Business is integrated into your company’s CRM with the WOZTELL application. But let’s talk about WhatsApp Business. Nowadays, the relevance that the messaging application has gained it’s because of its great popularity.

With so many people using it on a daily basis, it’s unthinkable that any sector of society could employ it to benefit users. In this event, there are 1.5 billion users adopting WhatsApp with more than 60 billion messages per day. After being acquired by Facebook, the operation has taken another step towards its use for businesses. By this, companies have an excellent communication channel with their users or customers.

WhatsApp Business and its possible usage in the field of health is already a phenomenon. There are several companies that have already enabled specific numbers to communicate with their patients through WhatsApp. With WhatsApp Business, you can have conversations with your patients easily.

This allows organizations to use WOZTELL and WhatsApp Business in a way that is beneficial to both the user and the company.

From this application, you can obtain metrics and different information that let you improve the user service as well as your company efficiency.

In addition, it is possible to set up different predefined answers, develop automation, which simplifies the workflow. Healthcare facilities can take full advantage of these automation features. Through this response automation, users can be guided by chatbots and optimize the resources of the healthcare company. For example, a user wants to be guided about medical practice.

Then the chatbot will guide him step by step until he finds the right answer. Thus, when the user arrives at the customer service agent he will already be filtered and routed. Or you can directly fulfil your query without going through the agent.

There is a history of this type of program such as chatbots in the health service.

A case like that is Melody, a program that guides the patient in the health sector. The software is develop in order to study the symptoms of the consultant and thus streamline the user’s diagnostic process. It is the first filter for users who require medical attention and are then oriented in the first institutional instance. This app is used in China.

Another example of health care through software or artificial intelligence is called YourMD. It is a chatbot that also works through an application. It provides automated responses to patients that are reviewed and endorsed by health professionals.

The great differential of WhatsApp Business has to do with the ease of download and universalisation in its use. It proceeds without saying that with WOZTELL it is even better since everything is used at the same place. This is why its use is more efficient and everything is way more faster. Beyond this, it still remains that the application is authorized to create chatbots through third parties in the health field such as clinics and hospitals.

Let’s take a look at an example of the use of WhatsApp Business in the healthcare field

There is a project called Angela which is based on the classic version of WhatsApp. It is employed as a virtual assistant to help users who suffer from chronic diseases. The virtual assistant or chatbot provides a service in which it advises the patient. The patient is given advice and certain guidelines and all the information collected is then analyzed by medical professionals. With this project, its authors achieved an award as recognition, the Everis Health, and Social Care Integration Award.

There is no doubt that the use of WOZTELL in a clinic or health centre would be of great help for both: the user and to the health centre itself. It would save a lot of administrative resources. Primary health care could be stimulated more since prevention and health promotion actions would be implemented. The costs for health centres would be lowered since many human resources and work hours would be saved.

On the other hand, all the information collected in WOZTELL can be saved, studied, systematised and used to improve the service. Imagine, for example, collecting the data about which are the most frequent consultations. Based on this, we can elaborate more efficient guides for the chatbot to guide the patient. This is just a sample of what could be done to improve healthcare as a result of WhatsApp and its use in WOZTELL.

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