First of all, at WOZTELL we are thrilled about how we managed to develop this fantastic tool that integrates WhatsApp with your business software. After one year, we are seeing the excellent results that our customers are achieving. They have accomplished formidable competitive advantages for the development of their business. If you were looking for solutions in your communication process, here you will read about how to use WOZTELL in your company.

Your business’s wroth will be thanks to WOZTELL, which is more than productive and effective. The great advantage of having WOZTELL in your company is that you will have everything at hand. I mean, you can have customer service, logistics, marketing and sales in the same place. From WOZTELL you will be able to manage all these areas of your business and much more. But how can having WOZTELL in your company benefit you in addition to this? Well, we’ll see that below.

WOZTELL gives you the great advantage of offering you the best integration between your business software and WhatsApp Business

Above all, we guarantee you with everything and, of course, provide you the best advice on an ongoing basis. We offer you maximum customization to shape your business in the best way according to its particular characteristics. Each business has its own singularites and specificities so you always have to adapt and assimilate that business to the software to get the best results.

For this reason we recommend you to trust in serious companies like ours that have important agreements with high quality worldwide suppliers like Zoho.

It’s not enough just to sell a business integration software between WhatsApp and Zoho CRM, also you have to give the customer all the tools and modify their business to the software.

To start benefiting from WOZTELL in your company, you should think about the use it will give you. As the software is integrated into your business you can learn and train your staff with this tool. Each area of ​​your business will have to be aware of how to use WOZTELL within the company. The logistics area will have to handle the situation, as well as sales, marketing and customer service in a different way.

If you want to start using ZOHO and WOZTELL, you can contact us to inform you about our partners that can help you in the hiring process.

How to integrate WOZTELL in your company

  • Ask for an advice through our contact section and soon an advisor from our customer service department will be attending your request.
  • Register and request a demo to test the benefits of integrating WOZTELL with your business software.
  • Try our Trial now HERE
  • Do you need help to set up your company’s processes and include WOZTELL in them? Ask for our parters

With data’s study received once you start using WOZTELL, you can set new sales and marketing strategies, as well as customer service and logistic improvements.

Main features of WOZTELL for your company:

  • Receive, send and save WhatsApp messages in your CRM.
  • Use the company’s corporate number for all communications and prevent commercials from having conversations that do not record.
  • Automated messages can be made to start conversations with your customers.
  • Study and optimize all communication strategies and actions.
  • Have full control of all communications.
  • Unlimited capacity to send, receive and store messages.
  • Possibility to receive and send multimedia files, among others.
  • You can send SMS notifications to avoid sending problems due to lack of internet connection.
  • Certainly, guaranteed security during the whole process of integration and development of the company’s activities.
  • Send broadcast messages through previously approved templates.
  • Even more, you can check the status of each message sent.
  • We are fully aware of Whatsapp legal and usage conditions for companies. With this, you are in peace of mind and ensured in the proper use of this tool.

WOZTELL is waiting for you with all these advantages and many more!

Probably, you can’t even imagine the surprises you’ll find and all the new things coming this year for our customers. WOZTELL never stops and we are always developing new actions so that our tool would be always the best.

As a whole, if you are wondering how to use WOZTELL in your company, the answer is extremely easy. You just need to try it out, integrate it and use it. In the short term you’ll see how your company’s performance indicators start to improve. We give you all the support, training and advice you need to achieve the maximum possible benefits for your business. We challenge you to make a 3 month comparison of how your company was before and after WOZTELL.

You will clearly notice the difference in the performance of your business

From your customers to your employees, everyone will see the change. You can forget about having to go in and out of a screen, from one program to another, etc. Now, you have everything centralised in one place and with optimal tools so that your business grows as it should.

Don’t wait any longer to get this business solution tool that integrates nothing less than WhatsApp with your CRM. Today, you have the opportunity to start turning your business around.

Finally, contact us now and adapt your business to this great tool!

Do you want to communicate with your customers in their favorite channel and boost your results?

With Woztell you can automate tasks, work with multiple agents and phone numbers and measure your marketing, sales, operations and customer service efforts in their favourite channel: WhatsApp.