Do you know how to use WhatsApp in your CRM? With WOZTELL you can do it and take advantage of the benefits of having this communication tool for your business. WhatsApp is growing in users and improving more and more its functions. You can take advantage of all this and the benefits of integration in your CRM or customer relationship management system.

Establish more efficient communications with customers

With WhatsApp within your ZOHO CRM, you will be able to develop more effective relationships with your customers. Not only with established customers but also with leads. The ways we communicate are constantly evolving and so is the business. One of the most important aspects for your business to keep growing is to improve the ways you connect with your customers.

People are demanding services with more personalisation and faster answers. Messaging has become one of the most important and favourite channels to make these connections. That’s why in January 2018 WhatsApp launched the enterprise choice: WhatsApp Business.

Did you know that over 5 million companies are already using WhatsApp?

Yes, over 5 million companies are already using this instant messaging application. They just do it for sales, customer support, logistics, marketing, advertising, among other things. One of the examples of companies using WhatsApp is Leco, a Mexican business that sells prescription lenses. This company handles two-thirds of its sales through WhatsApp.

This e-commerce company has been founded by Cecilia Ezquerro Souza in 2015. With the beginning of the use of WhatsApp, the company achieves the contact of its customers and orders through this medium. It has customers who know the technology and are mostly young. These customers send contact lens prescriptions through images and also make requests for eye exams.

While Leco started using WhatsApp as a customer contact medium, it gradually became something else. In addition to being a contact medium, WhatsApp became the primary sales medium. Precisely, it has more than 20 thousand customers and 75% of them are well-satisfied through the instant messaging application.

Upon discovering this impact on sales, the company concentrated on exploiting this commercial channel to the maximum.

That’s how it began to use WhatsApp Business as a means of contacting leads and customers. It now has the feature that gives it a business profile that generates more legitimacy and trust towards customers. He is taking full advantage of the automatic messaging feature. You can now recognize frequent customer requests and respond to them quickly and efficiently.

Recently, Leco started using WhatsApp Business to connect with its customers. The company profile function helps Leco to build trust and legitimacy with consumers. The automatic messaging tool also allows you to recognize customer demands immediately and meet them as soon as possible.

Woztell and Whatsapp Business

If you add WOZTELL to this, your possibilities will be multiplied. To begin with, you can have WhatsApp integrated into your CRM which that will give you a huge advantage. You’ll no longer have to be indifferent windows looking at WhatsApp and in another window at your CRM. With WOZTELL you have everything integrated in one place.

So you can respond faster to your customers and have all your communications controlled in one place. You can see in real-time all the communications and examine everything that is recorded and saved. In this way, we can see how the customer service department is performing, how the salespeople are acting, and so on.

Evaluations, new marketing and sales strategies can be established. Launch campaigns and measure them with data that would be impossible to have if we didn’t have everything integrated into ZOHO’s CRM.

Another great advantage is provided by chatbots. These automated messages allow the creation of conversations with customers previously configured based on previously studied behaviours. This way, we can quickly provide answers and save on human resources and time. When a lead or customer query comes to us filtered by a chatbot we already have much of the work done.

All our business can be converted and scaled in an excellent way with this tool. See all the features of WOZTELL here.

Contact a sales consultant to find out what this tool has to offer. You can ask for a demonstration and start as soon as possible.