Since it has been possible to integrate WhatsApp Business in your eCommerce stores, we have seen the great advantages this provides. But let’s see how this means of communication can help you.

The first thing is evident. With the millions of users that WhatsApp has, if we put it into context of what eCommerce is, we have a great ally here. This means that the messages from and to eCommerce will have immediacy and reliable results. That is, being used by so many millions of people around the world (180 countries), it is likely that they will use that medium to contact your business.

Once you have more and more leads and users you can develop different marketing and sales strategies. For example, with WOZTELL you can integrate your ZOHO CRM with WhatsApp Business and manage all your communications from there.

By storing your communications, you can monitor everything and see the best ways to increase customer service, logistics, and marketing. So, in a marketing campaign you develop with current customers you will be able to send promotional messages and get high open rates. On the other hand, this will let you to analyze and measure the behavior of users with respect to your messages.

But let’s see what’s important, here’s an irrefutable fact that using WhatsApp Business in your eCommerce allows you to optimize the resources of your online store effectively.

In this way, you can focus on your efforts and, of course, on the most important thing which is to sell more.

To make it easy to understand, we are going to mention a series of problems that you will see solved by using WhatsApp Business in your eCommerce. Ecommerce often encounters problems that negatively impact sales.

  • Solves the bad communication or sending information between eCommerce and user.
  • Solves or try to solve the abandonment of carts started by the user.
  • Usually, the consumer receives ineffective attention. You will see this solution also with WhatsApp Business integrated into your business software.

In other words, WhatsApp solves one of the most important problems between the user and the online store. That is the poor communication between both sides: the e-commerce store and the potential customer. This incorrect or poor quality communication means in most cases that the user does not want or cannot access a means of communication that is a waste of time. For instance, leaving alone your mail or filling out forms. With WhatsApp Business Integrated, you can get quick answers.

What’s more, with WOZTELL you have integrated chatbots that automate responses for the first interactions. These are later or at the same time adding by agents. This way, the user gets a fast and efficient response. WhatsApp Business applied to an e-commerce allows you to communicate in a bidirectional way and in real-time. In this way, you can keep your customers informed about the status of their orders. It is possible to send special offers and promotions. Automate and customize a variety of messages such as thank you, welcome, purchase, goodbye, etc…

We can also have more knowledge of the user’s needs and the ways in which we can help them. It is even possible to segment by labels and much more

The user wouldn’t have to download anything in order to communicate. With just one click he can be sending messages to the online store. As for shopping cart abandonment. At this point, we can say that the user can be contacted in real-time and see how to solve the problem or get the reason why he has abandoned that cart. This can mean recovering sales that would possibly be lost due to communication failures. WhatsApp for Business is very skillful so it is possible to get feedback from eCommerce users. This allows us to evaluate customer satisfaction and ways to improve sales and offerings.

In a nutshell, there are many benefits of incorporating WhatsApp Business into your eCommerce store. We recommend you to do so in a professional manner. Just like big companies employ tools like WOZTELL. Look at what you can achieve with WOZTELL and you’ll see the quantum leap in your online store when you apply it to your business.

Contact us for more information about WhatsApp Business integration with your business software and start using it in your eCommerce. Too many are already taking advantage of this tool and are already making a difference in the marketplace. There is still room for your online store, join us and boost your sales.

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