How can you benefit from using WhatsApp in the automotive business through WOZTELL?

WhatsApp for the automotive business is a must. As you know, you can use Whatsapp marketing in mechanical workshops to get multiple benefits. It is essential to develop marketing actions through WhatsApp in this sector because you can achieve important results in a short period of time.

You have to know how to take advantage of the power of social networks and make promotions using WOZTELL.

Of course, apart from the marketing and advertising functions, you must have good customer feedback as it will be important for them to recommend you. But you can add these opinions within the marketing campaigns that you do with WOZTELL and WhatsApp Business. So take advantage of your work well done to get your customers to recommend you. With WOZTELL’s tools, you can have all the contacts and communications well stored to use them positively in your campaigns.

Just by placing a link to your customer reviews on Google MyBusiness you can be spreading the word about your referrals

This is significant for your brand’s reputation and users are very much guided by these reviews they find in Google search results.

You can take advantage of WOZTELL so that those customers who express their satisfaction and consent with your work can leave positive reviews in public. As a way to do this more effectively, you can include links to Google reviews in sales invoices. You can also develop raffles and promotions on Facebook, and advertise your website on that social network. Don’t forget that WhatsApp is associated with Facebook because it belongs to this social network. There are many advantages to the interrelationship between WhatsApp and Facebook.

The direct communication that you can have with WhatsApp through your website with your customers and prospects is formidable. From there, you can answer questions and all kinds of interactions with users. Moreover, with WOZTELL these communications are done from one place without having to open and keeping an eye on more than one tab. You can review these communications and make an analysis of them to improve customer service, marketing, logistics, and sales.


  • Launch a campaign to check vehicles before going on holiday. This can be done at different times of the year, even several times whether there are longer holidays or long weekends.
  • Promotions can be launched for the change of tires, so necessary for the safety and proper functioning of the vehicles.
  • Taking advantage of the recommendations for safety in traffic can be useful to promote your automotive business, and at the same time give important information to users.

Here, there are different types of promotions you can launch for your automotive business.

For the sale of new and used vehicles

If your automotive business is geared towards selling vehicles, through WhatsApp you’ve got a great advantage. You can make promotions on new vehicle launches under different modalities. You can always inform users of the characteristics of the vehicles, advantages, disadvantages, and so on.

Your existing and potential customers will be able to have instant information about the vehicles and other related issues. For example, payment plans, warranties -whether the vehicle is appropriate for the customer’s characteristics or wishes- and much more. The world is your oyster!

With WOZTELL, you can be sure that you are complying with all the regulations regarding the use of data and communications with clients established by the RGPD. You are also part of WhatsApp for business thanks to WOZTELL.

The immediacy of your communications with WhatsApp will help you to maintain flexible communication with your customers. They will feel more supported and accompanied by their reference mechanics workshop. Note that you can automate messages so that you can filter them and give your customers useful answers quickly.

For example, if someone asks you about a certain mechanical problem, you can set up possible answers to solve or guide the customer. You can give them different alternatives and finish the orientation with the possibility of accessing a service agent after the query is done.

Provide mechanical consultation service for your premium customers under subscription to set it up

The input that you are given by the data coming from the communications, will give you the guideline of where to direct the automated responses. For instance, depending on the type of questions frequently asked. With no doubt, you’ll be making a qualitative leap in customer service and providing an important differentiator of your service that will stand out from the competition. Or at least you will not be less than anyone else, instead you will only differentiate your quality in the work of automotive itself.

In a nutshell, WhatsApp for the automotive business with WOZTELL it’s your best choice. You add WhatsApp to your business in a modern and effective way that will help you win new customers, retain and achieve customer loyalty as well as have more agile internal work processes. See all that WOZTELL can provide for your automotive business here. Contact us today for free advice.

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