Let’s see how to use emojis in WhatsApp Business marketing campaigns by testing the most effective ways. Getting to know how to use emojis in marketing is necessary. It seems simple and unimportant or as an accessory but it is not. If you want to be professional and serious, marketing with emojis can give you results.

An emoji is a pictogram similar to an emoticon with a Japanese origin. They indicate moods, places, objects, food, animals, and so on. Their impact is also unconscious as the symbols create repercussion at an archaic level in the psyche. An emoticon is not the same as an emoji.

The former refers to icons such as face-like ones that instant messaging services use for their platforms or are created independently by hand using punctuation marks. The latter are pictograms that are standardized and we can see examples in WhatsApp, Apple, and Android. They include not only faces but also multiple symbols.

There is a wide variety of emojis that are constantly updated. In 2018 there were 2666 emojis. Marketing through emojis has to do with communication and marketing strategies that integrate them into corporate advertising campaigns. These campaigns are used in social networks such as WhatsApp for business which is what we care about in this post.

Reasons to apply emojis marketing techniques

  • One of the advantages is that the images are more easily assimilated. The brain manages to assimilate image content more easily and faster. Emojis are based on universal language, there are no language limits.
  • Users prefer short and concrete content. Emojis are ideal because they are short and simple.
    They attract attention and have a high rate of recognition and this is especially true for integration into marketing campaigns.
  • They have a massive reach from the point of view of the age groups since they are used by people of all ages.
  • Emojis have a more personal reach, passing on more warmth and therefore reaching people in a more emotional way.
  • They achieve a higher degree of loyalty according to what happens in social media such as Twitter. There, the loyalty ratio reaches 25.4% and on Instagram, it reaches almost 48%.

How to use emojis in WhatsApp Business marketing campaigns: applying emojis marketing

  • First of all, we have to evaluate if the concept of using emojis in a marketing campaign is suitable for your recipients and the concept of the campaign.
  • In this idea, advertising using emojis is best applied to a young audience. However, this doesn’t mean that it can only be applied to teenagers or that you can attract them only with emojis.
  • Beyond these considerations, the crucial thing is to see if your clients fit in with this type of advertising and there are not too many stipulations.
    Emojis can be used very well on WhatsApp for business as well as other social networks, e-mails, and even print media and promotional items.
  • Don’t confuse formality with not using emojis. Contrary to what it may seem, the use of emojis can make a good impression on formal business messages. Although, be careful if you are dealing with very serious or sensitive issues. The use of emojis is usually more accepted by private customers between 18 and 25 years old than by B2B customers.
  • Select emojis very well as they must have a crystal-clear meaning. Some emojis can give ambiguous interpretations. Or it might happens that they can be interpreted differently depending on the field or place. The advertising message could be misinterpreted if you don’t use the emoji properly.

Always try to relate the emoji to the profile of your company or product. If you do not find it, you can mix several emojis.

  • Do not use emojis in a restrict way. They should be added in a way to an expressing message.
  • It is not recommended to use too many emojis, just no more than 4.
  • Use them rationally and without thinking, there will be magic to get results.

In a nutshell, in the marketing sector using emojis, can get you incredible results only if you use them properly, and as a complement in a comprehensive advertising campaign.

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