Do you want to learn how to generate leads on LinkedIn?

Here is a guide 

Before you start sending aimless messages to all your contacts, there are a few things to keep in mind when it’s time to generate leads on LinkedIn.

You’ve probably heard the term “lead generation” many times, but do you know what exactly it is and what you should know before launching a campaign to generate leads on LInkedIn?

Let’s find out together, starting with the concept and a guide on why and how to generate leads.

Let’s get to it!

Well, what is lead generation in digital marketing?

A lead is anyone who is interested in a company’s product or service. However, it is important to qualify leads based on their status and whether they have real potential to convert.

Lead generation is, in fact, one of the main objectives for companies and they dedicate large amounts of resources and strategies to achieve it. Some of them are:


  • Social media marketing

  • Blogging

  • Networking

  • Do email marketing

  • Offer coupons

  • Do live events and seminars

These are just a few strategies that, as a company, you can use to attract potential customers to your products or offers.

Why you should generate leads on LinkedIn

When a person shows interest in your brand’s products or services, the steps that they take to make their first purchase seem natural, because you are helping them to satisfy a need or solve a problem. But, it can also be the case that they haven’t decided or don’t want to proceed with the purchase. Pushing can make the customer feel obligated and can damage your brand’s reputation.

Serving your target audience through lead generation can ensure that your brand is matched with the right customers. With millions of registered users, LinkedIn is an important tool for achieving such generation if you have a B2B niche.

Need more reasons to generate leads on LinkedIn? Here they are.

LinkedIn is more qualified 

One of the main benefits of lead generation on LinkedIn is that it can expand your network. By having a company profile on LinkedIn, you can keep in touch with clients you already have in your portfolio and make yourself known regardless of geographical boundaries.

In addition, LinkedIn has a feature called LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms that helps companies with accounts on the platform collect quality leads through forms pre-filled with LinkedIn profile data.

In this way, users do not need to manually enter their information.

It has a professional environment 

From the beginning, LinkedIn was designed to help professionals present themselves based on their accomplishments. It’s the perfect place to tell success stories, present your brand and connect with other experts in your field.

Segmentation options 

Focus your resources on specific customers who are most likely to buy your product or service.

Everyone on LinkedIn is there for business communications, which means your B2B target audience is ready to see what you offer. Unlike other networks, users use LinkedIn for interactive communication while building their brand and reputation. In addition, LinkedIn users are focused on professional opportunities and their attention will not be easily diverted.

You can create brand awareness 

Lead generation always involves educating them about your company and your product, so they will spread information about your brand by word of mouth, attracting more customers.

You will obtain valuable data

You have the option to gather information about your potential customers, their wants and needs, and your competitors. This helps you improve your product and service to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

With LinkedIn you can increase your income 

With an effective strategy to generate leads on LinkedIn, your company can get much more revenue than you plan.

Let’s start your journey to generate leads on LinkedIn!  

If you think you are ready to reach out to potential customers, there are a few things to keep in mind first. Make sure you are pleasant, polite and friendly by considering the following points so you won’t be the typical pushy salesperson.

Optimize your profile

Your LinkedIn profile is like your company’s home page. You only have one chance to make a good first impression and your profile is the first thing people will see when you send them a connection request. Make sure you optimize at least the elements that are visible in the connection request such as the photo and headline.

Other data you can optimize are the details of your work experience, the value proposition in your banner and the “About” section. Keep in mind that your audience should understand the value of your company within 3 seconds of viewing your profile.

Find your audience

Knowing your audience is an integral part of knowing your business. Depending on how you’re going to generate leads on LinkedIn, your ideal client may not be the same as your prospective client, especially if you’re looking for a freelancer or consultant, rather than making a sale, for example. In each case, it’s good to know the general demographics of the person you’re target

Joining LinkedIn groups that focus on specific industries will help you get a sense of who you’re looking for.

Always do a follow-up

Be sure to add value every time you follow up.

Most people simply repeat the value of your proposal and ask for a meeting again, there is no added value for leads in these types of follow-ups. Instead, tell them about the content you created, testimonials from your customers and results you had with other similar customers.

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How content marketing can help you generate leads on LinkedIn 

It’s a fact, B2B companies use content marketing to generate leads on LinkedIn. Blog posts, offers and infographics are the tip of the content marketing iceberg: your imagination is the limit.

Depending on your goals and your ideal customer’s personality, different types of content will work better than others. So, analyze and focus your efforts on content that will attract the best inbound leads. Here are some ideas:

  • Reuse content from your website in attractive formats to reach a larger percentage of your target audience.

  • Create and publish high quality content.

  • Attract qualified inbound leads to your website with organic news posts on LinkedIn.

To sum up

Generating leads on LinkedIn can be a bit of a long process, but it’s worth it. There are many solutions on how to get leads, all you have to do is try to find the lead generation channels that are best for you and your company.

Also, LinkedIn is constantly evolving, so stay tuned. As it continues to grow, people will find new, smarter ways to use this platform. You’ll want to be there, ready to dive in and generate leads.

In the meantime, we recommend you download our free eBook on using WhatsApp for e-commerce.

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