In this article we will examine and explain a new feature integrated within Zoho CRM.

This new feature allows you to select how WhatsApp leads and contacts will be created automatically when a new user writes to us and we will explain it step by step below:

The first conversation

When an end user writes you a message, if their WhatsApp number does not exist in our ZOHO CRM, they will be identified with the name “W Unknown”. Depending on how we want to manage this situation, through WOZTELL, it is possible to select:
  • Create it as a lead automatically in the CRM and leave it registered in WhatsApp logs as “Unknown”.
  • Create it as a contact automatically in the CRM and leave it registered in WhatsApp logs as “Unknown”.
  • Do not create Lead / Contact within the CRM, and leave it registered within WhatsApp logs as “Unknown”.

 Configuration settings for automatic creation

If you want to change the configuration, you must follow the following steps: 1. Access the Settings section of our Zoho CRM (Administrator access).
guide on how to start generating new leads and contacts

2. Go to the All tab in the Marketplace section.

guide on how to start generating leads and new contacts step 2

3. Look for VERIFIED WHATSAPP BUSINESS FOR ZOHO CRM by WOZTELL in the installed extensions and go to Settings.

guide on how to start generating leads and new contacts step 3

4. Here you will find the UNKNOWN CONVERSATIONS section.

guide on how to start generating leads and new contacts step 4

Three configuration options

Once you get to the point of configuring what to do with “W Unknown” conversations, you can select the following features:

guide on how to start generating leads and new contacts step 5

No action

In this instance, the Zoho CRM integration with Woztell will not perform any action automatically.
It will not link or create a lead or contact in Zoho CRM.
If you want to link a Contact or Lead with a conversation manually, you will have to save the WhatsApp number in the Mobile field of CRM, or if it was already there, you will have to press the GO TO CHANNEL button.

Create a Lead

If you select this option, when a new unknown conversation arrives, the system will first search through the Zoho CRM contacts to see if there is a contact with that WhatsApp number saved in the Mobile field.
If it doesn’t find a contact, it will search in the Leads module with the same criteria.
Finally, if no contact is found in either, it will create a new lead and enter the WhatsApp number in the Mobile field and “W Unknown” in the Last Name field. The search criteria in Leads and Contacts is also based on the configuration you have in the International prefix and Local number length fields of your extension. Let’s see an example:

Let’s imagine that you have configured your extension for Spanish numbers (+34 XXX XX XX XX), i.e. with the following values

International prefix: 34
Local number length: 9

And in your Zoho CRM, you have a lead with the mobile number 123 123 123, in other words, the number in international format is +34 123 123 123.

If someone sends you a WhatsApp message from the WhatsApp number +34 123 123 123, the integration will first search among the contacts with the following condition:

The Mobile field is +34 123 123 123 or the Mobile field is 123 123 123. In this scenario, it would not find anything as we only have a Lead with that number.

Since it doesn’t find anything in contacts, it will next search in the Leads module where it will find a record, since it is saved as 123 123 123.

If a contact or a Lead is found, it will be associated with the conversation and you will see a message as follows:
final configuration step
If it is not found in any module, you will see the following message:
final configuration step

Create a Contact

This scenario works the same as the previous one, however, if no contact or lead is found in Zoho CRM, a new contact will be created and not a new lead.
Once the configuration is finished, if you find that the search does not run correctly in your system, it is because you have an old integration and do not have the correct connection.
See the following article to make the connection again with the latest version.

In conclusion

Managing new leads and contacts is now easier than ever with Zoho CRM and Woztell. With this new feature we want to make it easier for you to communicate with your customers and take your business to a new level.

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