In this article, we will develop the main idea about how companies use WhatsApp Business. And what WOZTELL brings to your business. This contribution has to do with the possibility of using WhatsApp in the best possible way for your business. Taking full advantage of the main social network of instant messaging is going to bring you multiple benefits.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that thanks to WOZTELL you can manage everything from one place. In contrast, companies without this tool have several open platforms at the same time like CRM on one side and WhatsApp Business on their mobile or WhatsApp web on the other. So, this brings the problem of not being able to have everything at one place. That will lead to wasting time and loss of data, among other things.

Therefore, you can have everything within the CRM

CRM is a customer relationship management system. Having WhatsApp integrated into your CRM benefits you in too many aspects as we will see below. For  instance, with WOZTELL you will be able to have plenty of data collected from communications. This data will let you to analyse it and from the conclusions you draw, you will be able to develop new strategies. This counts for customer service, marketing, sales, and logistics, among others.

In this context, by having everything integrated into one place, you will be able to have full control of everything that can arise in your company. You will avoid duplicated tasks and organizational communication will improve. Also, you will optimize your organization’s resources since it allows you to automate tasks. For example, you can develop automated messages for initial conversations with leads and customers. Thus, your human resources will have a more productive time in useful things.

How WOZTELL can help you?

Companies that do not use WOZTELL receive inquiries and contacts through WhatsApp.In this case, you must have the conversation on the one hand and the CRM on the other. WhatsApp Web data generated in that conversation must be transferred to the CRM. But if we receive more calls or messages at the same time, then everything gets complicated.

We have to get in and out of each conversation with the chance of losing data. That is to say, when we receive another call we must leave the one we are attending to and this will cause you a problem. You can not retain the customer or the lead and the data that was generated in the conversation has not been properly recorded. This doesn’t happen with WOZTELL because we will automatically do everything within the CRM.

The data is not lost and you can assign tasks to other colleagues within the sector or in another one, with the data that has been automatically registered. This is a simple example of daily life within a company of how WOZTELL improves workflows.

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Apart from that, agents can resume more advanced conversations after the start of automated communications. You can even create automated workflows from scratch of the contact through to the sale, depending on the trade. Promotions and marketing strategies can be greatly upgraded. With the benefit of being able to analyze communications, promotions can be tested and improved for marketing and sales purposes.

Also, all the aspects related to customer service improves impressively. By having everything at one place to handle customers and leads, you will provide a better service. It will be faster, more effective and personalised. Imagine how much you can save in terms of time and money.

With WOZTELL you can send, receive and store WhatsApp messages in your CRM, and also in the HelpDesk, e-commerce and so many more!

But you can also do these tasks:

  • Send and receive messages from any device.
  • Reply to incoming messages from customers and outlooks automatically. These are generated based on the content of the messages. Your company’s agents will be more relieved and will be able to resume more advanced conversations. This feature has the advantage of seeing the route that the client or lead has taken before.
  • You can use your existing business phone number for WhatsApp.
  • Store all the messages and history of WhatsApp and then consult, control, and develop new strategies placed on the analytical study of the data.
  • You can create message templates or write them by hand. This lets you create multiple message templates and improve them based on the results you see after the analytical research.
  • All communications can be monitored in real-time. This gives you the ability to be in control of your business and interfere live.
  • Generate reports on all these aspects of the conversations and thus ameliorate the strategies and techniques of your business.

Increase your sales with WOZTELL

This means that you can manage your customers’ experience much better. As a consequence, your business will sell more. Due to WOZTELL, you can always know all the communication history. Receive and send text messages, video and audio files. You can also redirect messages taking into account the different roles of your team, share tasks and much more. This is something that continues to optimize your organization’s workflows.

Here there are more benefits

  • See what customers and vendors are talking about.
  • Equip your sales team to develop relationships that are established through WhatsApp.
  • Automate the start of conversations and plan more effective responses.
  • Manage your WhatsApp business profile in conjunction with your team.
  • View WhatsApp conversations in the customer profile.
  • Ability to intelligently search for words within WhatsApp conversations from CRM.

It’s incredible, isn’t it? Essentially, there are many companies that are already making use of the great benefits of having WOZTELL. Stop using WhatsApp inefficiently and start using WOZTELL. Read all the benefits you can have clicking here and contact us to try the service.

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