Companies around the world are using more and more WhatsApp Business in order to succeed. It’s been a long time since you’ve heard a phone rung… It’s just that everything has changed, even for communication channels just like email and SMS. Consumers are looking for the most modern communication solutions and require quick answers to their needs.

The most successful companies are trying to understand the idea that to provide a better user experience and sell more, they have to be aware of where customers prefer to be. Studies show that the vast majority of users prefer to use instant messaging like WhatsApp to communicate with businesses. They always prefer to send messages to customer service rather than calling them on the phone.

This is why more and more companies are using WhatsApp Business

This type of tool as a communication channel has served the expansion of companies that want to operate globally. For example, travel agencies are adopting this tool to scale their business globally. This way customers can book hotel rooms or air tickets. They can do this easily through different messaging channels such as WhatsApp.

This communication channel for doing global business is further amplified and improved with WOZTELL. Owing to this tool you can use WhatsApp Business within your CRM and manage everything from one place with great efficiency and measurable results.

To have an authentic dimension of what WhatsApp means, you have to take into account that it is the most important messaging application in 104 countries around the world. It has a high smartphone infiltration rate, especially In some countries where it has of 95%. It is, without any doubt, the most important application for business and personal conversations.

It is being developed in this way in most continents and markets of the world. In the case of China, business users still prefer WeChat. But beyond this, nowadays, it is unavoidable for a company that manages both locally and globally business to use WhatsApp for business.

We have several examples of commercial enterprises and government or non-profit companies that have used WhatsApp successfully. PATH, for example, is a non-governmental organisation that also works in Africa for health purposes. This company adopted WhatsApp as a means of communicating with users so that government public health associations could communicate with users and employees.

This has enabled them to track data shipments, improve messaging guidance, and ensure more secure connections and privacy. They have even been able to identify notification patterns.

The advantage of two-way conversations

WhatsApp implies a double direction communication. Both companies and customers can interact openly. Today’s customers want to reach out to companies by having real conversations and not just respond to messages addressed to them in a one-way street. With WhatsApp, customers can have reliable, global, and of course two-way communication.

Thus, the tool allows notifications to confirm purchases, deliveries, customer support as well as to have more direct customer acquisition. So, applications like WhatsApp are used for service and product research. Also to achieve reviews, consultations, payments, reservations, complaints, etc., and everything without having to call by phone or use other means of contact such as email or even company’s own website.

Another great example of a global company using WhatsApp Business is Deliveroo. This online food delivery company is working with over 35,000 restaurants. It operates in 12 countries and is also successful because it was one of the first brands to integrate WhatsApp, and provide a superior user experience. The company administer product delivery status notifications as well as order and service updates.

Security and privacy in the messages

Being able to comply with the rules of each country is a challenge for companies operating globally. Now, WhatsApp provides a security and privacy advantage. It does this through end-to-end encryption as well as strict attention to protecting user privacy.

Therefore, users have something they like because it’s a familiar way to communicate with businesses but it’s totally safe. There is also a protection for businesses because they have the will be at peace knowing that they are respecting the rules of each country. Within this two-factor authentication that the application has integrated, there is security about the identity of those who use the platform.

At this point, we can see the example of the company Hays. This company is dedicated to hiring at a worldwide level. For this type of company, a high level of security and privacy of employee data is required. At WhatsApp, they have a forum with security and privacy to exchange confidential information.

This company operates in 30 countries and uses an application through WhatsApp that has job alerts to notify its database of professionals, for example. In addition, human resources companies can have interviews with candidates, exchange confidential documents, receive and review videos from candidates, etc.

In a nutshell, WhatsApp as a business tool is formidable and when you have it integrated into an application like WOZTELL its effectiveness is multiplied. It is especially recommended for companies that operate globally or for those who are in a stage of internationalisation of their business. Contact us today to start your company’s success.

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