Get your FREE WhatsApp Business API number with WOZTELL

E-mails and phone calls are old news. Manage all your conversations in your customers’ preferred channel and boost your results.

Did you know that with your WOZTELL FREE account you can get a FREE WhatsApp Business API number? Yeah, it’s all on the house!

In this post you will learn:

  • How to create a FREE WOZTELL account
  • How to get your FREE WhatsApp Business API number
  • How to configure your WhatsApp Business API number and account

Ok, let’s start right now! Use this article as a How-to guide to get from zero to WhatsApp hero!

How to create a FREE WOZTELL account

First things first, click on the link below and create your WOZTELL account:

The sign up process is super easy. You only need to follow the indicated steps and verify your email. In case you have any doubts, we created this tutorial to help you.

How to get your FREE WhatsApp Business API number

First step done, now it’s time to get your WhatsApp number!

Remember that WOZTELL includes unlimited WhatsApp Business API numbers with no cost, in all of our plans, including FREE.

The easiest way to do it, is to follow the WhatsApp Onboarding that we prepared on this playlist:

It covers everything from scratch including topics like:

  • What to expect from WABA on WOZTELL
  • How to apply for WABA on WOZTELL
  • How to verify your Facebook Business Manager
  • How to check your WhatsApp Business API application status
  • Or what can you do with LIVE WhatsApp

Also, we strongly recommend you check this Meta article: Upload Official Documents to Verify Your Business, where you can check the exact documentation you need in each country.

It’s important to send all the documentation properly because the WhatsApp Business API activation time will depend on it.

In our personal experience, with all the documentation sent to Meta properly, it takes usually just 1 day to get your WhatsApp number.

Want to know more? Let´s talk via WhatsApp!

How to configure your WhatsApp Business API number and account

After getting your WhatsApp number, it’s time to configure it.

There are two important things to do:

  • Update your WhatsApp display name
  • Update your WhatsApp profile.

WhatsApp display name

You will have to assign a display name to your phone number and send it for the Business Manager’s WhatsApp team to review.

All display names must have some connection to your business and must not violate WhatsApp’s business and commerce policies. Display names also have to meet Meta standards for sending messages with the WhatsApp Business API or meet the requirements for official WhatsApp business accounts.

You can follow the steps in this video to update the WhatsApp display name on WOZTELL:

You can get more information on this official Meta page.

WhatsApp profile

Finally, you will need to set up your company profile by adding relevant information for your customers.

The information you can fill is:

  • Address
  • Business description
  • About
  • Contact email
  • Business category (service type)
  • Website (two URL)

You can follow the steps in this video to update your WhatsApp profile on WOZTELL:

All done! With these steps, you should have your WhatsApp Business API number fully configured and running :).

Now, if you want to know more about what can you achieve with your new WhatsApp number, you can check out this other article!

Get your free WhatsApp Business API number to take your conversations to the next level