The rise of conversational business and Zoho Cliq features

Today we are going to tell you a little about the functions of Zoho Cliq, a messaging tool for work teams that integrates with the full range of applications offered by the Zoho platform.

Increasingly, current and potential customers want to communicate directly with companies using the same channels they use to communicate with friends and family. That’s why we’ve started to talk about conversational business where dialogue can take place across multiple channels, from social media, surveys, email marketing to chatbots.
Conversational business encompasses the different ways in which messaging channels can be used in services, marketing, sales and more. In this sense, messaging tools are very effective and allow companies to communicate directly with customers by creating personalized experiences.

What does the rise of conversational business mean for you?

Today, most customers prefer to send direct messages via social networks, chatbots or live chats to receive responses. This results in a reduction of time spent filling out forms or making unnecessary calls and, consequently, is reflected in greater optimization of the customer’s time.

Another benefit of the rise of conversational business? The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The latter make tools such as chatbots capable of responding in real time to a large number of requests. In fact, a marketing strategy based on instant messaging and chatbots makes it possible to provide quality customer service and 24/7 support.

These points favor an efficient relationship between customer and company, achieving a level of trust where the customer will be more willing to actively participate and thus buy or request services.

Zoho Cliq features to start communicating

The core Cliq features are, for the most part, familiar to users of established workplace collaboration tools, featuring group chat, file sharing, video and voice calling options. Separate channels can be set up for discussions with individual teams or around specific projects.

Cliq bots can perform various functions, such as automatically pulling information from the chat window, such as sales reports, as well as updating other Zoho applications.

However, Cliq’s main strength lies in its integration with Zoho’s own toolset, which includes:
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Mail
  • Zoho Docs
In addition to being able to open Cliq through individual browsers, desktop and mobile versions, Zoho customers can access the messaging tool from their other applications.

Chat with your contacts

With Zoho Cliq you can access your Zoho contacts with a list of people that the tool offers immediately and with whom you can collaborate. Select any of them and then opt for chat, call or video communications.
You can invite contacts to discuss different topics by mentioning them with an “@” in the channel. This helps keep conversations on specific topics in one place.

Create groups and channels

The basic function of Zoho Cliq is to create a space for group chats. You sign up for an account, invite people to join and set up channels, which are similar to group chat rooms.
Channels can be open to anyone on the account or require an invitation. Each channel needs a name, but the description is optional. Companies usually create 4 types of channels: Organization, Team, Private and External, all for projects, departments and/or teams within departments.
As with most team messaging applications, channels are not the only place to have a conversation. Cliq also supports direct messages between individuals and groups.

Organize your meetings

Cliq’s artificial intelligence capabilities can help gather contextual information from different Zoho applications. For example, Zoho’s intelligent CRM assistant can perform functions in Cliq, such as sending reminders before meetings, proactively creating a group chat and adding members. You can also take notes and share meeting minutes.

How to take Zoho Cliq features one step further

As you can see, this tool not only seeks to enable teams to communicate and collaborate, but also to enable them to rely on it to develop and create small widgets and programs that can be used to speed up work and increase productivity. Since Cliq’s inception, the focus has shifted to productivity and the creation of internal communication tools designed specifically for remote and hybrid workplaces.
Here are some functions with which you can take Zoho Cliq features one step further:


Quoting the Zoho website, widgets in Cliq are tabs containing sections that store a combination of several section elements. Section elements provide the structure and layout to carry the content of your widget.

Cliq supports many elements to present content: title, text, sub-text, divider, buttons, user activity, table and fields.

A tip: if you want to integrate your communication channels in Zoho Cliq, we have a free widget that makes it easy for you.


Zoho Cliq offers desktop applications for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu Operating Systems, as well as mobile applications for Android and Apple devices. The Zoho Cliq web application is also available.

In the same way, this tool allows integration with several other applications, including Dropbox, Asana, Trello, Google Drive, GitHub, among others.

Want to know more? Let´s talk via WhatsApp!

Still not convinced by the potential of Zoho Cliq features for your communications?

Zoho Cliq offers unique business solutions in two markets: the instant messaging software market and the internal communications software market. Both markets grew separately in 2019, but the global pandemic changed the game as demand for remote communications services skyrocketed around the world.
At that time, a lot of instant messaging software began to enter the B2B sector, and many players in the internal communication software market began to incorporate many B2C capabilities into that product line.

If that doesn’t convince you that Zoho Cliq is one of the most complete team chats out there, what will? In fact, if you’re looking to develop a workflow around a CRM, you may want to consider Cliq because of the integration by default with Zoho CRM.

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To sum up

Zoho Cliq is not just a chat and video-calling platform. There are many different integrations that can be used with Zoho Cliq and it is also a useful tool for setting reminders.

This tool is a good combination of business and effectiveness and is a great way to create a team culture within your business. If you want to get more tips for setting up Zoho Cliq or any other product, feel free to download our new free ebook on Zoho and WhatsApp.

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