This one is for businesses that want to unify their communications strategy. With the help  of the Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin you will be able to track conversations in your website and Facebook Messenger.

Keep reading to learn how to do it and how to apply for the Incentive Program that will reward you with up to $1000 for installing it!

Why use the Facebook Mesenger Chat Plugin?

When talking business, we’re firm believers in the power of numbers.

And luckily, the potential for the plugin is evident when we talk about:

83% of consumers message a business to ask about products or services. And out of them, 75% will make a purchase

On the other hand, we can observe that:

55% of online shoppers abandon a purchase when they can’t find the answer to a question quickly

This is just a small taste of the gaps and problems that having unified communications will solve.

What can the Facebook Mesenger Chat Plugin do?

The possibilities of the plugin go completely hand in hand with the ones that Facebook Messenger offers to companies.

The plugin functions as a:

  • 24/7 web chat tool that helps business to drive sales
  • Instant support to customers when they are browsing a website or Facebook page
  • A customized tool that you can install in mere minutes

These are the first actions you can take when you install the plugin: 


Create a Facebook Messsenger username and link


Add a Send Message button to your page


Write a greeting for your customers


Set up an Instant Reply


Create a list of responses for FAQs


Schedule automatic Away Messages

And, what is the Incentive Program?

Until December 31st, 2021 we’ve partnered with Facebook to offer you a way to gain the benefits of installing the plugin.

PLUS the opportunity to get $1000 by installing it in your website for 6 months.

It’s as easy as following these steps: 

1. Sign up in WOZTELL for free

3. Install the plugin

2. Submit the application 

4. Get up to USD $1000

Get the solution higher conversion rate and more sales