Facebook messenger chat API | Plugin Program

For some time, we’ve been lucky enough to work alongside Meta.

We are proud partners, and this time we are honored to bring you a unique opportunity for your communications.

The Facebook Messenger Plugin Program where we collaborate with Meta as partners. Our role as partner is to help people like you to understand and master the potential of automations and communications.

Get ready, because we’re going to tell you all about it!

Facebook messenger chat API: Why should you install it?

As a business ourselves, we believe in the power of tangible data. This is why we know you’re going to appreciate numbers like these:

  • 36% of businesses say that offering live chat has positively affected their sales
  • 2.8x higher rate of conversion for consumers who use chat
  • 60% more spending by consumers who use chat
Facebook Messenger Chat PlugIn

More and more businesses bet on the potential of conversations with their customers. It’s documented that you will not only improve your relationship with them, but also give an amazing boost to your sales!

Facebook messenger chat API: What are the benefits?

This isn’t an empty offer where we tell you the benefits and you have to do it yourself.

We’ve been working behind the scenes to give you tools to get the best results (beware, these are for a limited time!):
  • All the benefits of a WOZTELL Starter License for FREE during 1 year (saving 39$ per month!)
  • Access to our onboarding to start using the plugin as soon as possible
  • Pre-designed chatbot templates ready to use, you only have to add your company information
  • $100 refund for your first Facebook Ads campaign that redirects traffic to your chatbot
  • Our personalized e-book on how to make the most of the plugin

This is what you’re going to get for your business. However, we always stress the importance of a great relationship with customers.

So, how is the combination of the Facebook Messenger Plugin and WOZTELL going to help you achieve your best results?

  • Give quick assistance with a 24/7 chatbot that answers all your questions
  • Use our pre-designed templates to have your bot up and running in minutes
  • Send broadcast messages on Facebook with timely offers and discounts
  • Manage all your Facebook conversations with Slack, Microsoft Teams or Zoho Cliq

To sum up, with this program you get the best of Facebook and WOZTELL without any type of cost. A win-win if we know one.

Want to know more? Let´s talk via WhatsApp!

Facebook messenger chat API: How to qualify?

So, if you are interested in participating in the program, there are a few requirements you need to meet:

  • Have a website with 1000+ daily visits
  • Have a verified Facebook Business Manager account
  • Have a WOZTELL account (the free one works just fine!)
  • Install the Facebook chat plugin and automate one of our pre-designed chatbots
qualify messenger chat plugin

If you don’t meet one of the conditions, don’t worry! We’re still eager to work with you to on your communications.

Automations? broadcast messages? Chatbots? You have it all for free with your WOZTELL account.

qualify messenger chat plugin

Facebook Chat API Resources

Either you’re convinced and ready to apply to the offer, or you’re just curious. We’ve got you.
We’ve been creating quality content to educate and give you the best tips to achieve the whole potential of the Facebook Messenger Plugin and WOZTELL.

To wrap it up

We hope to share with you our passion for conversations and technology. The tools to get incredible results already exist and are available to everyone.

With this offer, we wish you discover what the union of Facebook and WOZTELL can do for your communications. Are you ready to join us?

Engage customers and boost your sales with Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin