Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages: what you need to know

One of the most important aspects for the growth of your business is communication and interaction with your customers. And if you want to achieve this, Facebook Messenger broadcast messages are an excellent way to do it.

Emails are old news at this point.

Let’s be frank: at this point, your inbox will be full of unread messages with promotions, products, and updates.

What is the solution to this problem? In this case, your best ally is Broadcast Messages, with their high open rate.

According to a study by MoEngage (2020), broadcast messages have a 50% open rate and 93% retention rate compared to email.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages, from their definition and features to how to set them up on the WOZTELL platform.

Main features of Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages

Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages are messages that are sent directly to the home screen of cell phones or computers. Users must have given their consent to receive them.

Clicking on these notifications opens a conversation in the Facebook Messenger app.

What does this mean? Your customers use Facebook and Messenger to be entertained and communicate with their friends and family. Through this channel you become one more person in their lives, which means you can have a closer and more familiar communication with them.

Set up your messages

One of the great advantages of Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages is the multiple tools to configure messages according to your needs.


Notification templates give you different options for creating messages to build engaging user experiences. Some examples are:

  • General template: with this template you can set up a title, a subtitle and a body text message.
  • Button template: this template is ideal for your customers to get answers to questions that arise during the purchase process. You can configure up to three buttons that can direct to your website or continue the conversation. You can also set up quick responses, very useful to encourage interaction.
  • Multimedia template: in this template you can include videos, GIFs and images. Videos and GIFs can be played within the Messenger conversation or you can take the user to a video posted on Facebook.

Reach your audience

When creating content for your broadcast messages, think about your audience and what they want to consume. Create relevant, personalized content that speaks directly to your customers and segment your audience so they only get the content they want to see.
According to a study by a consultancy (2016), personalizing the content of broadcast messages increases the open rate four times.
Imagine you have a company that sells clothes. Then, the broadcast messages you send to a young profile will differ from those you send to a profile interested in children’s clothing.

Pro tip: if you have a company with an international audience, take into account the different time zones and peak interaction times.

High opening rate

As we told you before, Broadcast Messages stand out for their high open rate. In addition, another great advantage of Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages is that the message is not lost even if the user scrolls to ignore it, as it arrives directly to Messenger.

This can improve the interaction with your customers, because who has not accidentally ignored a notification they wanted to know more about?

What can you use Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages for?

Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages allow you to send different types of messages according to your business needs:
  • Updates
    You can send broadcast messages informing about new published content, updates on the shipping status of a purchase, confirm a hotel room reservation and much more.
  • Announcements
    You can send notifications announcing the launch of a new collection or the restocking of a product.
  • Events
    With broadcast messages you can send information about upcoming events, or reminders about events that the customer has registered for. These notifications are also very useful for industries like travel agencies as you can send updates about flights, itinerary changes, etc.
  • Offers and discounts
    Don’t let your offers go unnoticed! Send broadcast messages so that no customer misses them. With these notifications you can send offers, coupons and discounts.

Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages vs. web notifications

Now that you know what Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages or broadcast messages are, let’s talk about the differences compared to web notifications.
broadcast messages Facebook Messenger vs broadcast messages web

Things to consider when creating Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages 

Now that you know everything you can do with Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages, let’s look at a few things to remember.
  • GPDR compliance: all companies must comply with the Meta conditions for messages. This avoids sending spam on these channels.
  • The user must give their consent:before sending broadcast messages, you must obtain the user’s consent. Some ways to obtain it are Messenger chat plugin, m.me link, and Messenger code, among others.
  • Messenger tags: With this type of message, you can send notifications outside the 24-hour window. These notifications have some restrictions depending on the tag you must consider.
  • Users are in control:users can mute or block your notifications at any time and this can affect your metrics.

How to configure Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages

If you are interested in what we have told you about Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages, here we have a tutorial explaining step-by-step how to set them up on our platform. And all in less than 5 min.

Want to know more? Let´s talk via WhatsApp!

To sum up

Facebook Messenger Broadcast Messages have irresistible features for any business that wants efficient communication. Through this channel, your customers will not miss any updates or offers.

And you know what the best part is? You start conversations in a channel they already use, and all notifications come directly to your Messenger inbox. They will always have them available.

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