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ZOHO Desk is seamlessly integrated with your WhatsApp Business number, allowing you to create tickets manually from user conversations directly on our WOZTELL inbox.



What is this extension for?

Here are the key features of the extension:

  1. Manual Ticket Creation: With the extension, you can easily create tickets within your ticketing system using the subject and description derived from WhatsApp conversations. When a user contacts your WhatsApp Business number, you have the option to initiate ticket creation, ensuring that all necessary information is captured.
  2. Contact Association: During the manual ticket creation process, you can associate the ticket with an existing contact in your system, if available. By linking the ticket to an existing contact based on the user’s phone number, you maintain a comprehensive history of their interactions.
  3. New Contact Creation: In cases where a contact does not exist, you can create a new contact within your ticketing system manually. This enables you to capture all user interactions and associate them with the newly created contact for future reference.

By using the WOZTELL Inbox Ticketing Extension, you can manually create tickets from WhatsApp conversations, associate them with existing contacts, and efficiently manage your support process within your ticketing system.

Step by Step Tutorial

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