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Send & received WhatsApps, Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs directly from your ZOHO CRM with our extension. Also, you can supervise your team, create leads & contacts automatically and open the related Cliq chat.



What is this extension for?

Connect ZOHO CRM and WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram with WOZTELL

With WOZTELL, you will be able to send and receive messages from leads and contacts directly in ZOHO Cliq, adding their information in ZOHO CRM automatically.

WOZTELL uses the ZOHO Cliq interface for instant messaging, being able to receive and send text and multimedia messages. Use WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or your website as inbound channels and transfer conversations between multiple agents.

You can start using this readymade feature on Woztell right away, natively developed with ZOHO application.

WhatsApp and ZOHO CRM, the perfect pair to improve your sales results.

Improve your business communications through WOZTELL in a simple and unified way, all within your Zoho CRM.

With the WOZTELL extension for Zoho CRM, your team is able to:

  • Create new contacts or leads automatically.
  • Start a WhatsApp conversation directly on CRM.
  • Check Opt-out WhatsApp customers.
  • Set welcome message in every channel.
  • Send WhatsApp templates.
official integration with zoho marketplace

Official integration with Zoho marketplace


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