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WhatsApp Commerce

Turn your WhatsApp to an e-commerce store & automate the purchase experience conversationally, simply manage everything on a Google Sheet

What is this extension for?

This extension enables your business to list products, sell products & automate the process directly on your WhatsApp account, with just a Google Sheet.

  • Display a WhatsApp storefront on your WhatsApp account for easy product browsing & quick check-out
  • Connect to payment gateway that supports VISA, Mastercard and even Crypto currency.
  • Manage all your orders, products & notifications in a Google Sheet
  • Reduce cost with WhatsApp Customer Support
  • Automate the payment process with a chatbot

Step by Step Tutorial

“We were wasting human time that we could be using for much more valuable things, such as advising on a claim over the phone or providing peace of mind to a client who needs it at the moment”

Maximiliano Díaz

CEO & Founder, SegurLine

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